!! OMG, someone call SNL because this woman’s meltdown over a couple kissing should be a regular character on the show !!

EX-COOOS-MEEE? If you were kissing in a public place, this woman is NOT having ANY of it! AND she’s willing to fight every last one of you until she gets justice!

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11 Comments on "OMG, someone call SNL because this woman’s meltdown over a couple kissing should be a regular character on the show"

  1. Some people do need to limit their PDA

  2. Jake, WTF are you talking about Gays and their Agenda? You might need some help too. The gay agenda is about equal rights and protection for everyone. I don’t know where you’re getting your shit from but there is no movement to recognize Unicorns. Cos play is not my thing but there are way more straight people into cos play than gay people. If I miss read your comment, I apologize but please feel free to provide any details about your claims of the Gay agenda and Unicorns. I welcome your reply

  3. Appears to be twitter user @ AnnaStorelli, who believes she is Justin Bieber’s wife and sends him pornographic pictures of herself as well as posting her phone number in a pinned tweet.

  4. Sort of unfair to not show the actions of the couple so that one can make their own decision on what is correct. I mean was this just a simple kiss or a full on make out – deep tongue sort of thing. The fake that the woman in the couple is filming, tends to make me think that she is one of those people with no respect for others “‘cuzz she can do what she wants, it’s a free country.” Yet everyone else does not have that same freedom or freedom of speech because they different from her’s.

  5. That lady was talking about someone being ugly? Holy shit. What kind of funhouse mirror does that pig have at home?

  6. She is obviously mentally ill. It was pretty ridiculous for them to keep poking her once it was clear how wacko she is. Boo on the staff for letting this go on and on and on.

  7. Jun, there is nothing wrong with the couple kissing in public. Some people are uncomfortable with public displays of affection (PDA’s), but I have never seen anything like this. And over a straight couple, doesn’t she know that the while she is going off, the Gays are advancing their agenda to tape horns the heads of horses and glue glitter into their manes to force them to identify as unicorns?? But seriously, this women obviously has some serious issues. I hope she get’s the help she needs…and that there is an update video.

    • hmm i couldnt understand the meaning of the gay couple and horse part. and about kissing in ” public “, its not on a street but a store to have foods. i dont blame couple kissing like light ones during the conversation, but if i see couples kissing deeply with sounds, i cant say ” no rules for that ” to ” some people ” . if they are old enough to be in a relationship to kiss, then they should respect manner and moral instead of provoking strangers for fun.

      there must have been some points that the situation could be settled, but all the staff and couple did was joyfully promoting the situation worse more and more. watching this made me feel that all of this is so american tbh.

  8. im not a native english speaker so there must be some points that i miss in this video. but all i saw in here is this fat woman accusing this couple for kissing in a store. whats wrong with it? and this couple was joyfully messing with her instead of objecting for their kissing.

    why is so many people saying as if shes jealous or single or whatever like that?

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