!! OMG, sorry bitch! It SOLD already: It’s the magic 8-ball buttplug! !!


I don’t mean to share two devastating news stories right in a row here, ruin your Monday or anything… but the spectacular item you see listed above has already SOLD according to the Etsy account which posted the listing for THE MAGIC 8-BALL BUTTPLUG!

Yes, you (could have) owned a pleasurable way to tell your friends’ fortunes, but you missed the boat! Maybe if we pray hard enough they will make more. And in case you were wondering, the plug is the same size as a used and tattered sharpie:


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1 Comment on "OMG, sorry bitch! It SOLD already: It’s the magic 8-ball buttplug!"

  1. Never fear, there’s enough for every ones asses! Lol check out the shop, we have these and all kinds of other stuff up for grabs 🙂


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