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Amelia Ehrhardt OMG Stars horoscopesWelcome to OMG Stars: an astrology column written by Amelia Ehrhardt (@soft_aspects) a queer astrologer currently practicing from bed. Every two weeks, on the new and full moons, I’ll give you a report of the upcoming astrology with a focus on how to navigate current events (astrological and global) with the help of the *stars*.

May 7th – May 22nd
Full moon in Scorpio, a lot of retrograde, and a Venus-Neptune square

The astrology of this lunation is characterized by a lot of action to the full moon. This moon sits in a trine to dreamy Neptune, a sextile to transformative Pluto, and a stressful square to Mars. Trines speak to supportive flow between planets, and with the moon in the fixed water sign of Scorpio supported by Neptune the mutable water sign of Pisces, this astrology gives us an opportunity to check in deep on our emotional state.

Full moons always speak to a closure of some sort of cycle, whether it be a cycle we entered at the preceding new moon, or cycles that relate to the full moon’s sign or house it occupies in your chart. In Scorpio this moon speaks to passionate and transformative energy.

Scorpio never forgets a wound, so with a full moon here we might see some old hurts coming back up – particularly with Neptune’s murkiness added to the mix.

This thematic continues when Venus stations retrograde on May 12th, where it will be joining Saturn and Pluto, and be later joined by Jupiter, in a retrograde cycle. Retrogrades speak to a turning-inward of planet’s energy. Venus, planet of our values and bonds, stations retrograde every 18 months, leading us to go deep inside ourselves emotionally.

Again, in the context of the astrology leading up to it, this is a lot of time to navel-gaze at our feelings (and given our present collective situation, it’s not like we needed any extra incentive to zone in). Venus stays retrograde until June 25th, and this 43 day period gives us an opportunity to contemplate – and likely re-examine – our values.

As we continue to push through collective enforced solidarity by staying home and facing new measures of socialization, this retrogradation is a good time to go through your own shit, on your own.

Read the full set of OMG Stars sun and rising sign horoscopes after the jump!

Horoscopes are written using whole house calculations and are meant as inspiration and affirmation of what you already know. They are written for both sun and rising signs, and you can read for your moon sign for extra emotional information.

Aries Sun and Rising
This full moon might be a particularly sensitive one for Aries rising folks, taking place in your powerful 8th house of transformation. You may feel a desire for closure around difficult events that have involved other peoples’ trauma and how that has affected you. With the Venus retrograde in chatty Gemini, you might feel particularly tempted to seek that closure out: best to wait until after the retrograde to see if it still feels urgent.

Aries sun people can expect an energetic boost from Mercury in the latter half of the next two weeks, bringing with it an ease of communication. For all you Aries folks this Venus retrograde will test your nerves, asking you to be patient on any big emotional or financial decisions until after Venus stations direct on the 25th of June. Patience is not typically the strong suit of your lot, so find some other ways to let go of that energy until the psychological muck clears up.

Taurus Sun and Rising
Venus, Taurus’ ruler, in retrograde can make you sensual Taureans feel a little rattled as you face (re)assessment of your bonds and your resources, two assets that are particularly critical to your bunch. Taurus rising folks will be hit extra hard, and right where it hurts – in your second house of resources. Try not to do too deep of a possessions purge until this retrograde is over, although it might be tempting to let go of any objects that remind you of an old wound. Try putting it in a “maybe” pile to reassess once Venus stations direct on June 25th.

For Taurus sun folks, this full moon could also add some extra stress as it briefly opposes your sun sign, making a collectively transformative full moon something you may feel resistant towards. Use this retrograde cycle to connect to where in your body you feel this resistance: interroceptive Taurus is particularly connected to the body, so using this knowledge to help you through a difficult time is a strength the bull can learn to rely on.

Gemini Sun and Rising
 This Venus retrograde takes place through Gemini and will be characterized by both a turning-inward on our feelings as well as a strong desire to communicate them. Gemini people live with a constant stream of information coming in and decisions about what then goes back out (in varying degrees of success, depending on the rest of your astrology). This means that on the plus side, you might already be familiar with this effort.

For Gemini rising people, use this full moon to find closure for any cycles that need it in your day-to-day work life: the full moon is a good (albeit brief) time for difficult conversations with your boss or co-worker, but get it done quickly because by the time the retrograde hits we’re all just as likely to make a mess as we are to make amends.

Cancer Sun and Rising
The full moon in Scorpio, your fellow water sign, brings the potential for closure and transformation in an emotional realm, a space that is familiar to you of the crab. For Cancer rising people, this full moon will move through your 5th house, showing you the end of cycles concerning creativity and falling in love. Bring any unfinished creative projects to a close, and allow previously damaging cycles around the way you fall in love to shift.

For Cancer sun folks, this moon will briefly trine your sun sign, bringing you deeper into the stuff of feelings that you normally swim about in anyway. The Venus retrograde will be notable for all sensitive Cancerians as you and everyone else around you turns inward. Remember that when other people go in, it doesn’t mean they’re shutting you out.

Leo Sun and Rising
Leo, generous, open, and performative, loves to be seen – your sign is all about learning about the self through witnessing by an other. Any time of going in can be challenging for a Leo person, and now that we’re at home with no one to buy drinks for, you might struggle with all the added solipsism of the Venus retrograde. For Leo rising people this full moon travels through your fourth house of home and family.

Try to remember that in quarantine, your relationship to home is different than it has ever been. Any difficult dynamics that you’re feeling might not last – that isn’t to say, however, that you shouldn’t address them: just make sure to do it before Venus moves into retrograde on the 12th.

For Leo sun people you will feel a brief stressor with this full moon forming a square to your sun. This is uncomfortable astrology for just about everyone, so keep that in mind if you feel compelled to share how this is affecting you. Let this be a moment for you to call on your classic Leonine generosity: everybody needs it right now.

Virgo Sun and Rising
Ruled by Mercury, Virgo as an archetype is a communicative side of the zodiac, but not typically when it comes to feelings. However with this full moon, you Virgo rising folks might make feel like talking it over more than usual. This moon illuminates your third house of thought and communication, so your mind may be going over how conversations and interactions could have gone better – Virgo people have such a strong need for things to be perfect, so try to be soft on yourself.

The Venus retrograde is going to be a challenging moment for everyone, and has the potential to particularly stress out a Virgo sun person. Between these next two weeks, if your sun is between 19 and 22 degrees Virgo, Venus will form a square to your sun sign, giving you extra emotional stress. Rely on your steadfast ability to get the details right to pull you through.

Libra Sun and Rising
Just like Taurus, your fellow Venus-ruled sign, this Venus retrograde could be a hard one on you Librans. For all Libra people (and particularly Libra rising folks), this retrograde may possibly cause a lot of unsteady feelings about how you are in relationships.

If you’re in a relationship, this might be a time of questioning how the relationship gives you (or doesn’t give you) space to forge your own self-image. If you aren’t in a relationship, you might feel like the absence of that is causing you to question your self-image. Either way this is a tricky time for Libra the lover, so let the entire retrograde be a moment for self-reflection without action: take the lesson of the quarantine and try to be still.

The Scorpio full moon will move through the 2nd house of resources for Libra Rising people, bringing closure and transformation to previous cycles around how you think about resources. The full moon will be a chance for you to get in touch with your emotional side, and for all Libra people this might mean you wanna lean on your closest ones even more than usual.

Scorpio Sun and Rising
Awwoooooo, Scorpio and Scorpio rising, this full moon is in your zone. Scorpio people are typically much more comfortable with the difficult and dark sides of life than others – passionate, intense, and sometimes mysterious, your lot are good folks to call on when things get painful. I suspect you may find yourselves wondering why everyone else suddenly feels the way you do all the time – a dear Scorpio-rising friend of mine often says at these times: welcome to HELL. But you Scorpios know that the depth of emotional turmoil is the space from which transformation occurs: remember the other archetype for Scoprio is the Phoenix.

While everyone else experiences your usual level of emotional depth during the full moon, prepare yourself to go more inwards than usual during the Venus retrograde. Scorpio rising people will have this retrograde pass through your ruling 8th house of transformation, so its significance is amplified.

Scorpio sun people can take the opportunity to let yourself be quiet – old wounds may emerge particularly strongly for you, so consider ways you can carry yourself through without acting on past resentment until the retrograde is over on June 25th.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising
Sagittarius  is not a sign known for liking to stay put, either in terms of location of mindset, and this bout of transformative astrology might give the archers a chance to access the depths of the mind (as long as you can’t access your favorite parks). Sagittarius rising folks will have this full moon in your mystical 12th house: this is a great time to go very deep into your emotions, and be by yourself. Write down your dreams tonight, for sure.

For Sagittarius sun people, the Venus retrograde moves opposite your sun sign, so particularly between these next two weeks if your sun is between 19 and 22 degrees of Sagittarius, you might feel yourself emotionally pulled from what you typically are driven towards.

This is a confusing time, and Sag is known to be a bit impulsive, so see if you can engage in research towards what you feel you are emotionally missing instead of taking action. That way when Venus stations direct on June 25th, you’ll be armed with something you are excellent at gathering: knowledge.

Capricorn Sun and Rising
Capricorn people continue to get a minor break from the heavy astrology hitting a lot of the rest of the Zodiac as the full moon and Venus retrograde are not necessarily moving through extra-stressful parts of your chart, but our current cluster of planets in Capricorn will all be retrograde by the time the new moon arrives on the 22nd of May so you’ll get some deep-subconscious reflection time along with everyone else.

For Capricorn risers, the full moon traverses your 11th house of community: notice the way that your friendships and larger relationships have changed lately. Capricorn people benefit so much from structure so it’s possible that our current deeply unstructured time is making it hard for you to connect to your people.

Use this full moon to figure out how you’re going to change your ways of connecting on a larger scale, even if it feels uncomfortable. You’ve been in some tricky astrology since January, so this sensitive moment might see you thinking back to recent (and less recent) hard times. Don’t get too sucked in to the depths: you’re good at keeping to reality, so if you can use this time to find ways to create inner order, you’ll come out all the stronger.

Aquarius Sun and Rising
This astrology is a potential emotional boost for Aquarians, with the full moon forming a sextile to your Sun/Rising sign, and the Venus retrograde trining Aquarius (for those of you with your Aquarius between 19 and 22 degrees, this will be exact in the next two weeks). Sextiles and trines are both positive, flowing aspects, indicating ease of communication between planets. This transformative full moon might give a renewed sense of self to the Aquarius lot, allowing you to see how far you’ve come since the last full moon in Scorpio on May 18th of 2019.

The Venus retrograde will bring you into some sensitive and introspective astrology along with everyone else, but again might be just what you need to notice the ways in which your heart has healed. Old wounds are very likely to come up during a Venus retrograde, and preceded by a nostalgic Scorpio full moon, this means the retrograde is starting out with a real burst.

Use your native strength in looking at the big picture to see the ways in which those old wounds may now be a part of you, but don’t define you.

Pisces Sun and Rising
Like your fellow water signs this full moon will briefly trine Pisces, bringing flowing energy to your sun or rising. However for sensitive pisces, more emotional experience isn’t always what you want, but that’s likely what you’ll get during this moment. The Scorpio full moon will pass through Pisces rising’s 9th house, so any old pain that resurfaces might be reminding you that in order to grow and expand, you need to let these wounds go.

For all Pisces people it’s difficult to let go, as water signs all rule the past. The Venus retrograde is a moment when the overall astrology will feel uncomfortably familiar to you as Venus forms a stressful square to Pisces placements. Pisceans have a capacity for the muck of emotions that is unmatched in the Zodiac. Lean into your artistic side and use this difficult astrology to find creative solutions when you feel pulled into the past.

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