!! OMG, the stars of gay drama CALL ME BY YOUR NAME cover GQ !!

“I was terrified before we were going to do it. I wouldn’t say it out loud… But I was nervous. This was a new experience. Having to free yourself so completely while being naked with a man in front of a room full of people, when you think about the prospect of that, it sounds really difficult. But when you’re there doing it, it’s incredible easy. So, the build-up was a lot more intense than the actual filming.”

Armie Hammer, on being nervous about his nude scenes with fellow actor Timothy Chalet. Check out the full shoot from GQ after the jump!


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6 Comments on "OMG, the stars of gay drama CALL ME BY YOUR NAME cover GQ"

  1. Two pictures, this is the full shoot?

  2. Since just about 80% of men, even straight men, have sexual thoughts about other men or experiment with other men, I seriously doubt it was his first time but I do believe he was nervous.

  3. Maybe all actors are uncomfortable with nude sex scenes. Gay or straight. Do you know a gay leading man that would not be nervous shooting that scene?

  4. Hammer is too hot for this other guy.

    • I know I want to ride & be banged by any straight dude who’s willing…I guarantee I’ll be better than yalls girl! Haha lol

  5. Hey, maybe if straight actors are so uncomfortable with it Hollywood could hire actual gay men to play the roles written for them.

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