!! OMG, stay woke, stoners! Taco Bell is about to give you nacho chips made of FRIED CHICKEN !!

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Holy shit! We’re absolutely STARVING after looking at this photo of the new Taco Bell Fried Chicken Nacho Chip! I’m not a religious man, but THERE IS A GOD!

The Crispy Chicken Chips, which are basically chicken tenders, are being tested now, and considering what a novel — if impractical — idea the brand has on its hands, it’s likely that the chicken chips will soon join the Cheesy Core burrito and walking nachos at your local store.

Business Insider reports this is a move by Taco Bell to contend more strongly with Chik-fil-A in the ongoing battle for your hard-earned poultry-purchasing dollar, and it’s a win-win for the chain, as the chicken chips are cheap to make, and will likely impress the company’s hardcore fans looking for something new and exciting to eat at 2 a.m.

AND they’re aiming to burn the homophobic Chik-fil-A while at it? What’s not to love!?

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2 Comments on "OMG, stay woke, stoners! Taco Bell is about to give you nacho chips made of FRIED CHICKEN"

  1. This is the same company that was reported that 70% of their taco “meat,” wasn’t meat. But hey, when you are stoned, everything taste like chicken.

  2. Mmm, chicken strips and coagulated cheesy grease substitute. Hlllaaaaa!

    If I ever became a stoner, Taco Bell would be my mecca.

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