!! OMG, he’s naked: A sleeping Gus Kenworthy gives us “Just The Tip” !!


I guess that confirms what openly gay Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy shared with Instagram bud Kyle Krieger about being intact! Check out his peekaboo moment after the NSFW jump!




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23 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: A sleeping Gus Kenworthy gives us “Just The Tip”"

  1. It’s so beautiful! Mama mia!

  2. Ummm… the thing y’all think is his penis is actually just a fold of his blanket. HAHAHA!!!

  3. Nothing like an intact man. He looks incredible

  4. So cute. Love a natural guy.

    Man there are some freaks on here. (Talking to you Tony). Get a life. A man is a man. Cut or not.

  5. Holy cow! So much negativity here.

  6. Staged AF is right. We’re suppose to believe 1) that he sleeps with his arms tucked like that 2) his soft peen is flopped up 3) the throw just happened to pull down far enough to expose just the tip

    And then to boot the pic makes its way onto the internet for the world to see? I love to watch him ski, but I find him so boring off the snow. He’s exactly like every other instagay.

  7. Oh, Gus. This is in poor taste. The person who said no one sleeps like that in real life is totally right. Staged AF.

    I do wonder a bit about how gay guys want to turn any celebrity who comes out into a hero and obsess over them (Gus seems to be eating up the attention–how sad it’ll be for him when the next flavor of the week comes out). Even when they’re attending galas for homophobic princes with Caitlin Jenner. I think there are plenty of out gay men in less privileged positions doing hard work to actually improve the quality of our lives who get completely overlooked.

    I mean, that doesn’t mean Gus can’t live his life, I just don’t think we should get heroes and eye candy confused. It’s like Jim Gaffigan’s “McDonald’s.”

  8. all I see is wrinkly,tight,unretractable 4skin! Yuck!!! 🙁

  9. hot! He looks so sexy and sweet sleeping with just his foreskin showing. He is my new fantasy man. yum!

  10. You can actually request him to come to your birthday party or something like that. OpenSponsorship.com has an appearance rate set up for him.

  11. Isnt he cute. And looks so innocent.

  12. What a shame. What a waste…he seemed cute but that just killed it. Gross

  13. I love Gus. I would love to lick those nipples and suck his cock and balls.

  14. Circumcisionsrule | August 18, 2016 at 7:05 pm | Reply

    Oh fuck you “intact” folks. It’s just another way people try to make themselves feel more special than they actually are.

  15. Ugh. Celebutards. Sick of social media “stars”. #overexposed #getoveryourself #noonecares

  16. Wake up sleepy head, it is time for your tongue bath!!

  17. Perfect dick!

  18. Nobody sleeps with their arms locked tightly like that #shenanigans

  19. Yep, I passed the test. Noticed it right away. I’m 100% gay.

    I love the male body in every way, though, intact is my favorite.

  20. isn’t it a criminal or civil violation akin to molestation to photograph someone semi-nude and exposed when they are unconscious or asleep and then spread the photo on the internet? shouldn’t the person who spread this photo be held to account? i’m worried…

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