!! OMG, they’re naked: Jordan, Devante, and Rob from ‘Ibiza Weekender on ITV2’ !!

If this is what an Ibiza weekender looks like, sign us up! We may even deal with the Tiesto and Avicii… maybe. Check out stars of Ibiza Weekender on ITV2, Jordan, Devante, and Rob after the NSFW jump!


[thanks for the tip John!]

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23 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked: Jordan, Devante, and Rob from ‘Ibiza Weekender on ITV2’"

  1. DAMN would I love to taste that cock. It is SO delicious looking it makes my mouth water.

  2. Devante, BELLISIMO!

  3. Because you sign a release whether or not you want to be shown nude on the show or not. Rob obviously chose to not.

  4. You are welcome OMG, if I get any more tips I will send you them… seems this one has gone down very well lol

  5. Did the white man not sign the release for his cock and balls to be shown while the black man did?

    What the hell is that about??

  6. Please feature Joel Kinnaman from Netflix’s new series Altered Carbon. Thanks


  8. why rob has been blurred??

  9. Devante is really beautiful, skin coloring, OMG

  10. I agree with Brady. Why and OMG! They both are amazing.

  11. OH come on why is Rob pixelated he may not be as big but he’s sooooo hot! They all look good though but damn that’s a huge black schlong

  12. Barbara 'Hunnychile' Perez | February 1, 2018 at 3:34 pm | Reply

    Jordan has always got me wet but Devante’s donkey dick is just begging to be sucked (as my late Aunt Lashauna always used to say).

  13. elsayed ismail | February 1, 2018 at 3:23 pm | Reply

    the butt of white man is so beautiful and the cock and dick of black man i aooo long so he is proud to show his dick

  14. Hello-

    it appears U.K. t.v.(ITV2 being a U.K. channel) has wayyyyyyyyyyyy more male
    nudity than U.S. t.v.. even HBO and Showtime.

  15. Of course the one I wanted to see is the one that’s censored. Sigh.

  16. Now that cock looks delicious. Yes please.

  17. Wow! Just wow…what a hung cock

  18. Damn you censored dongs

  19. Oh my!

    Interesting… some stills seem pixelated, where others are not.

  20. I really love Sean Cody’s videos.

  21. Rob for me! What a big handsome stud.

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