!! OMG, they’re naked RETRO EDITION: Alan Bates and Oliver Reed wrestle down in ‘Women in Love’ !!

Women in Love is that 1969 classic that features shaggy actors Alan Bates and Oliver Reed wrestling naked in front of the fire in that “totally straight” way! Check out their famous 1969 (or just 69?) scene after the NSFW jump!


[thanks Lampo!]

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16 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked RETRO EDITION: Alan Bates and Oliver Reed wrestle down in ‘Women in Love’"

  1. Liking the retro editions! Love the whole blog but the Candy is what has kept me cumming back every week for many years.

  2. Wow! I only ever saw this on a grainy VHS copy, was still enough for me to beat off to many times when I was a teen. Bonus for the shots of sexy Alan Bates’ delicious hairy arse, especially the legs-in-the-air pics where we get to see inside (drool)

    MY EYES!!……..

  4. elsayed ismail | January 2, 2019 at 8:31 pm | Reply

    it is so sexy

  5. Saw this in it’s original theater release when I was in high school. Turned me queer in about 30 seconds. Magnificent scene in a great movie. Thank you Ken Russel!

  6. I got to wrestling is not as sexy as I thought it would be naked! LOL

  7. Should be an Olympic sport

    • Hello-

      what must people don’t know is in the Ancient Olympics most if not all
      of the competitions were done naked.

  8. Hello-

    this scene is certainly the Gold Standard by which all other male frontal
    nudity scenes are to be judged.

    also not to be picky but the film was released in 1970 not ’69.

  9. Alan Bates. WOOF! So sexy and such a fine actor!

  10. To think their love affair all started with a bitch slap. One of the hottest male/male mainstream scenes of all time.

  11. One of my all time favorite movies EVER! Also…Alan Bates’ hairy man globes are EVERYTHING!

    OMG BLOG! … be sure to do a screen cap of the 2011 BBC miniseries Women in Love where actors Joseph Mawle and Rory Kinnear recreated the wrestling scene on a beach.

  12. I bet they loved rubbing nekkid willies on each other nom nom nom

  13. this is when i knew I was gay lol. no wonder i love hairy boys. i must have seen this on HBO in the late 70’s I would guess.

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