!! OMG, time to get kunst-y! Rosie tweets her own brand of anti-Trump MS-Paint type art !!

We’re buying! We want one blown up huge and hung on the wall in our basement! Thoughts!? Someone call Klaus Beisenbach and get her a solo show!

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9 Comments on "OMG, time to get kunst-y! Rosie tweets her own brand of anti-Trump MS-Paint type art"

  1. She is an amazingly efficient person. After all, she uses her asshole as her mouth.

  2. I loved Rosie in League Of Their Own

  3. She spreads hate. Shame on her.

  4. Rapist? Sleazy guy that cops an unwanted feel, sure. But using the term rapist so easily is just careless.

  5. All of these incredibly insulting comments about Rosie, yet look who your president is. It’s no wonder your shit-hole of a country is hated so much around the world.

    • You’re hysterical. One comment is not “all these”. Saying Rosie is not attractive is not an “incredibly insulting” comment.
      You may call it a shit-hole country but we have a lower rate of mass killings than some other countries such as Norway, UK, Sweden, etc.
      Since you’re fixating on the term shithole country, what special country do you live in???? If you have less crime, less rape, less etc; I’ll bet you don’t allow any POS into your country.

      • That’s complete BS Shecky. The USA has many more mass shootings and a much higher rate of gun-related deaths – and yes, I am accounting for population differences. The USA had 78 mass shootings in the same period that the UK had 3. When you account for the fact that the US population has roughly 5x the population, that still only works out as 15.

        Besides, you’re conveniently trying to ignore that not all gun-related deaths are murders; well I won’t let you. The US has 10.2 deaths per 100,000 due to guns, and the UK has 0.2. Not one other country has as many firearms deaths or anywhere near the number of mass shootings, even when you account for population differences.

    • Your comment is confusing. The problem is we have a two party system, unlike many of the other countries. Both parties have rigged the system to make sure it stays that way. There are other parties, btw, but they don’t really have a chance of winning.

      The real issue is our whole political system has been corrupted by corporate money, buying our politicians. We ended up with two shit-bag candidates that made 50% of the voters sit out the election. There was only one of the two that was actual addressing the people (even though he, Trump, was lying about everything.) The other other was having multi million dollar fund raisers with corps and Hollywood, and ignoring the hurting working class. She, Hillary, is also very corrupt, and many didn’t trust her, rightly so. Bernie was our only real hope of beating Trump, but the DNC party made sure he wasn’t going to take the crown from Hillary. It was a shitstorm. I am sure it will repeat in 2020.

  6. That picture is just as pretty as she is.

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