!! OMG, Tom Daley strips down and transforms into a Shark !!

…ehem…for Sea World unfortunately. Funded by EEEEEVVVILL!

British diver Tom Daley stripped down and was transformed into a shark in an effort to raise awareness about the dangers that sharks face in the wild, but his partnership with Sea World is resulting in some backlash.

Uh, Tom should burn his speedo in protest of animal cruelty! Let’s start the Facebook petition!

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2 Comments on "OMG, Tom Daley strips down and transforms into a Shark"

  1. Wow – OMG Blog needs a reality check and they need to not be so naïve! We all know why you say Sea World is “evil” – because of the attack-a-mentary “Blackfish”. The problem is – Blackfish was completely false. It painted a picture of evil that is non-existent. I can tell you since I live in Florida that SeaWorld does more for sealife and wildlife more than your blog ever has. Their rehabilitation center is UNRIVALED in the whole world. Their experts are called in from all over the world to help with rescues, rehab and nest protection. Their volunteers helped tremendously after the BP Oil spill. SeaWorld has done more than you ever have – or will – for animals of all sorts. Oh that “funded by evil” bullshit is not funny or accurate. They receive donations from people like me who believe in their cause. Stop attacking SeaWorld and read up on the subject before spouting off popular canned attacks from others with an axe to grind. Bravo Tom Daley!

  2. Leave Tom and Sea World alone.

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