!! OMG, Trump finally announces the star-studded line-up for his inauguration! !!

..only the top names in the business! A class act! Hopefully they take this line-up on tour after, because if they did I would throw my money at them!

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3 Comments on "OMG, Trump finally announces the star-studded line-up for his inauguration!"

  1. I don’t give a rat’s behind who is going to perform, but surprised you didn’t list Trace Adkins and a couple other A(ss)-list C&W stars in the lineup.

  2. Well, if this were real, Trump needs to fire his promoter because he or she mispelled the very first word. It should be “you’re,” the contraction of “you are,” not “your,” as in “your” car or “your” home.

  3. Just as well. Hillary pulled every celeb out of her ass and that did nothing for her. Just goes to show you how detached from the real America that Hollywood really is. Ordinary people couldn’t care less about who will be performing at the innauguration.

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