!! OMG, trying to make sense of it: Meet the women who voted for Trump !!

These ladies have their reasons for voting for the Angry Yam, and surprisingly it’s not because any of them are blind, or deaf!

What motivates women to vote for Donald Trump? Here you’ll find 6 interviews with Donald Trump supporters in Chambersburg, PA two days after the election. Franklin County, where Chambersburg is located, voted for Trump with an overwhelming majority of 71%. We approached 50 women to understand why they voted for Trump. In the course of 2 days, only 6 women talked to us about their voting choice.

Check it out above! Thoughts?

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5 Comments on "OMG, trying to make sense of it: Meet the women who voted for Trump"

  1. What? How DARE these women–WOMEN, of all the–hold opinions that we, as gay men, have determined women should not have? Any time a gay person, woman, black person, or other minority voices opinions that I disagree with, I make sure to call them the nastiest slur in the book, because I’m a liberal, and I love and accept everyone as long as they agree with me.

  2. As my dear grandmother once said to me, women are their own worst enemy.

  3. This is what happens when smart stays home on election day.

  4. Wow. As you hear them explain themselves, they point out everything (except of course for racism and homophobia).. because it goes without saying. Notice republicans only address the issues that effect them directly. This is the problem. There is no empathy or consideration for ANYONE else unless they, 5themselves, are directly effected. Each time be mentioned specific things they did not like about Trump but yet again, comments on Clinton were vague at best. These people voted as they did because they simply did not like Hill. That is fine but don’t pretend as though it is based upon her actions. I am not a Hill person at all but it seems most didn’t vote for her based on emails and Benghazi. The emails- who the hell cares. Benghazi- I am sure was not the intended outcome.

  5. This is my home town and people wonder why I leave 30 years ago and never went back.

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