!! OMG, WATCH: 73 questions with Jennifer Lopez Affleck and VOGUE !!

Why does J. Lo love Christmas? “Because it’s the most sparkly holiday.” Watch as Jennifer Lopez tours her home and answers 73 rapid-fire questions about everything from her pre-show rituals to her Broadway aspirations, Ben Affleck and the possibility of a Gigli sequel.

A GIGLI SEQUEL!!!? …Sorry, didn’t mean to scream that …but (!!) Don’t play with us. Is a Christmas miracle possible!?

Check out J.LoAf(fleck) walking us through her house while answering a bunch of pre-rehearsed questions with VOGUE after the jump!

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9 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: 73 questions with Jennifer Lopez Affleck and VOGUE"

  1. What a spontaneous and unrehearsed interview!

  2. Queens’ taste in music has always been questionable, but when you love Beyonce, JHo, Rihanna, Britney, Christina, Taylor you have poor tastes in music.

    Maybe try out The Jesus & Mary Chain, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Lush, My Bloody Valentine, The Cure, etc.
    that’s great music. If you have never heard of any of them, get a life.

    • you forgot Mina , Sarah B. and Tina A.

    • Music tastes are subjective. I don’t like any of your suggestions because I’m not you and I’m allowed to have different tastes and still have a life.

    • I don’t find J-LO interesting whatsoever, but, HumanC, you’re only suggesting white alternative artists as if you expect everyone to be the same demographic as you? Ever think YOUR genres and tastes are too narrow? Do you hate to be faced with the fact you’re aging and your inflexibility to new music disconnects you? I too love 80’s goth music, even though it has a history of neo-nazism and racial exclusion, there still are many exceptional bands from Mexico, South America and other not-so-white countries within that genre/era. Rihanna is a true icon regardless of genre/medium, and I guess Jenny is supposed to be a gay Latin icon for crossing the threshold of pop music + blockbuster films… The gay Latinx folk in my life do not at all have that connection to her, so I sometimes wonder why she is posted about so much on OMG, like they do on ET? I’m sure these articles resonate to others than me and you, or they wouldn’t keep posting them, no? I suspect Igor is a fan.

    • sounds like you’ve never left the 80s, dude. you’re sounding like some old granddad carrying on about “the good ole days.” lol

    • Shaking my head | December 2, 2022 at 9:22 am | Reply

      HumanC- tell us you’re old without telling us you’re old…….

      “When I was a young twink, we…..(fill in the blank with something like walking up hill in 5 feet of snow)”

      Maybe it’s time to get off the computer.

  3. Who cares about J.Ho? She’s overrated and talentless

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