!! OMG, WATCH: Boy who got beat up for wearing make-up sings his heart out on ELLEN !!

The 12-year-old Welsh singer, Reuben de Maid, later told host Ellen DeGeneres about the bullying he’s endured because he loves wearing makeup. “I used to get hit, punched, and kicked,” says de Maid, who can’t get enough of YouTube makeup tutorials. “I tried to brush it off, but brushing it off just doesn’t work. So I stood up to them.”

“Good for you for not stopping being who you are,” DeGeneres told him. “It’s not hurting anybody, it’s what you want to do, and you look fantastic.”

We agree with Ellen! Good for him for being who he wants to be! The ONLY issue we have with Reuben is when Ellen asked him about future plans he said:

As for his future plans? “I’d love to be, like, a Kardashian,” he says. Well, “Kylie Jenner” lips can’t hurt.

LORD HAVE MERCY! Jesus save the children!!! I am crossing crossing my chest in PRAYER!!

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6 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Boy who got beat up for wearing make-up sings his heart out on ELLEN"

  1. If a female that age wore that much make up there would be outrage. People would be saying, “young girls shouldn’t be wearing make up, she’s growing up to fast, why does she want to look like a 40 year old”.

  2. KYLIE FUCKING JENNER?? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU? Does that makeup mess with your brain or what?

  3. Practice, Why is it your business what this kid does or does not do with his face? Joe, It is good parenting. They were allowing the child to be who he is.

  4. Poor parenting at it’s shiniest.

  5. I just don’t get why boys need to be wearing makeup. There are a few youtubers as well that wear lipstick and makeup and nail polish in some of their videos. I just don’t get it. These are attractive younger men, what’s the appeal of putting on lipstick?

    • The answer is very simple: boys (and girls) don’t need to wear makeup, but if they do they chose to and it’s no one else’s business but their own. Let them be.

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