!! OMG, WATCH: Car explodes in baby gender reveal gone disasterous !!

Brooooo! When will they learn that gender is just a construct!? Does it take a combusting beamer to learn the hard way!? Check out the ridiculous tradition gone awry after the jump!

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5 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Car explodes in baby gender reveal gone disasterous"

  1. I hope nobody owned that Beemer and it was just a “burner” car!

  2. The last time I did a gender reveal, I was escorted off the bus by the police.

  3. Stupid bogans

  4. Baby reveal or a online attention grab? Everyone in that video had a cellphone in their hand not to mention it was shot with a damn drone….people are so thirsty to be part of something….

  5. Bogan, Australian for redneck.

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