!! OMG, WATCH: Elizabeth Warren enters 2020 presidential race !!

Elizabeth Warren is now the first major democratic candidate to take official action toward a presidential campaign in an effort to fight against Trump. Thoughts!?

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15 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Elizabeth Warren enters 2020 presidential race"

  1. Love her to bits, I think she is certainly a firebrand, but honestly… I don’t see her as being able to unite the country. She just does not come across as being a populist, and the social media hacks will ensure the wrong message gets out.

    Now, if she were No. 2 on a ticket, say with Beto O’Rourke at the top, then we have a solid chance of uniting the country in 2020.

    Please, Dear God, Bernie, our resident DINO (Democrat In Name Only) – just retire.

  2. 1/1024th Native American.She could be the whitest person ever to run for the Presidency!

  3. How about, no? Did we learn nothing from 2016?

    She’ll make for a great debate, but let’s be sure to dump her during the primaries for a nominee who is actually left, young, and doesn’t have baggage from being tied to HRC and an entire “I’m 1/1024th Native American” debacle.

  4. Not gonna be much of a challenge, that is like putting a mouse against a Lion. Trump is, obviously, the mouse.

    I will vote for ANYONE else than Trump.

  5. Good luck to her.

  6. She is a hack and would be worse than Hillary Clinton if elected

  7. Michael Greene | January 1, 2019 at 4:10 pm | Reply

    I think she is too old. If Hillary couldn’t do it, I don’t think she can. We need someone new. I’m for Beto O’Rourke.

  8. I think she is just a red herring given how early she has declared her intention and how unlikely she would be to get the nomination never mind win. Probably a warm up for Hillary 3.0

  9. She could become the first Native-American president of the USA.

  10. Anyone who goes against Trump is getting my vote

  11. I’m still hearing about 2016 so it’s too early for 2020. How many billions will be spent on this farce where 20 people run but only the person annointed by the DNC (or transfers charital donations to get the DNC out of debt) gets to run? And then how many billions spent contesting the results?

    • No kidding! I think the tactic should be this – if you run a political ad for an election still more than 11 months out, you automatically are DISQUALIFIED from running.

      How do they do in Canada? The politicians get what? Something like only 8 weeks they are allowed to campaign before an election?

  12. Go Pocahontas go!

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