!! OMG, Justin Bieber told Youtuber Jojo Siwa to burn her tacky ass car !!

…And then he gave as half-ass clarification that he only meant to burn her car, not actually Jojo herself! Thanks for clearing that up, Biebs! Phew. Find the tweets after the jump!

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11 Comments on "OMG, Justin Bieber told Youtuber Jojo Siwa to burn her tacky ass car"

  1. I heard this girl is a huge THING down under what many young girls are emulating the “Style” of this girl with her giant bows on their heads!!! OY!!!

  2. Someone needs to tell him to take a bath. He looks nasty af lately.

  3. She can always sell the car. His body is covered with all kind of crazy ass tattoos that will be there forever! He’s one to talk about “graffiti” being ugly.

  4. He needs to burn off those ugly tats. And whatever that thing is growing under his nose. Looks like he should be standing on a street corner panhandling for money.

  5. Just joking a bit..lol

  6. Hey Justin Bieber why don’t you cut your nappy ass taticky hair! Who you trying to look like Jesus? She was probably your fan and you just crushed her! You should feel like an ass whole! LOL oh why don’t you give her one of your fancy cars!?

  7. It is actually sickening to see a fifteen year old human being so obsessed with herself. Just awful and yes…. the car is ugly. This is a summary of what is wrong with the world right now. I kinda feel sorry for her as she is completely divorced from anything that truly matters.

  8. Who’s Jojo Siwa?

    And Bieber is right…

    • She was on Dance Moms for awhile and then her mother (who lives vicariously through her tacky daughter) pulled her off the show so that she could, “focus on and build her brand”.

  9. I can’t believe I agree with that douche nozzle, but yeah.

  10. I mean he’s telling the truth. The car is ugly. Lol

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