!! OMG, WATCH: Faye Dunaway stars in new GUCCI Sylvie 2018 campaign directed by Petra Collins !!

Faye Dunaway!! Glamour!! Gucci!! check out Petra Collins‘ latest for the fashion brand above! Thoughts!?

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10 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Faye Dunaway stars in new GUCCI Sylvie 2018 campaign directed by Petra Collins"

  1. She seems to be going the Mae West route.

  2. This would have been more realistic if it ended with Faye waking up from this dream in her small apartment and going to the mailbox looking for a residual check and instead only finding her unemployment form. I seriously doubt this video resembles Ms. Dunaway’s current lifestyle. Sorry to be a bitch, I loved Faye in her heyday, “Chinatown” is one of my all time faves, but as someone who works in the biz I’ve just heard too many horror stories about working with her, which no one will do anymore. A shame.

  3. I still love Faye and am grateful to her for her great performances in Bonnie & Clyde, Barfly, Mommie Dearest, Network, and the brilliant Chinatown but she looks old and feeble in this unflattering commercial. And as for you bitchy queens attempting to read her: you’ve done nothing in your life that even touches what she has accomplished in hers so shut the F up and show some respect.

  4. I so wish they had went with a take on Mommy Dearest where Faye beat the girl with the purse, screaming, “NO MORE GUCCI BAGS!! DO YOU HEAR ME? NO MORE!!”

  5. LOL…oh the blatant idolization of the 1% and their things. Silliness.

  6. Poor Faye. And I do mean POOR.

  7. One more facelift and her eyeballs will be her cheekbones. She was so beautiful when she was younger. Frankly, she can’t act -breathing your way through a role isn’t acting. Her ego is bigger than her talent, and if she had worn her glasses maybe she and Warren wouldn’t have messed up at the Oscars last year. What a shame!

  8. This is so grossly offensive to real people who want to age and live naturally. That woman looks like a ghoul.

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