!! OMG, WATCH: Gay fathers publically condemned for raising child without a mom on ‘What Would You Do?’ !!

At restaurants in Kentucky and New York, two gay men are outwardly criticized for raising their daughter without a “mother.” How will people react? Check out part one above and Part Two after the jump!

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5 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Gay fathers publically condemned for raising child without a mom on ‘What Would You Do?’"

  1. That it NOTHING bad about what we Gay man are doing.

  2. They’re ACTORS! And this is a dramatization. I’m sure everyone commenting has watched the entire video and knows this but I”m saying this for those who are passing by.

    • I’ve encountered this viewpoint from feminists before. They believe that if there is a single-sex parent-couple it’s okay if they’re both women (or womyn) since women are the only possible good parents but it’s not okay if they’re men as men are naturally bad parents.

      It’s also telling that all the characters in this dramatisation are white, middle-class stereotypes (since non-white, non-Europeans are well known for their love of same-sex marriage. Was it Nigeria, Afghanistan, or China that first legalized same-sex marriage?)

  3. People should MIND THEIR OWN DAMM BUSINESS! there are so many kids that have NO Parents and need love and attention, which these two FATHERS will give their daughter! There are single women that raise boys.. so what is the fucking difference????

    …………………………………………………………………PUBLIC MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS

  4. There are many families with single parents. While it certianly is a challenge, a single parent can do an excellent job parenting. There are many bad situations where in a two parent household one or both of the parents are not good at parenting. Two same sex people in a committed relationship can be equally as good a parent as opposite parents. Unlike traditional couples there are no accidents, parenthood is by choice. This makes them much better prepared to be a parent than some opposite sex couples who had pregnancy by accident. While a male or female role model for a girl or a boy can be important, it is by far not the most important thing in parenting.

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