!! OMG, WATCH: John Oliver takes on America’s opioid addiction !!

Did you know that over more than 2.6 million Americans were addicted to opioids in 2015?

“These pills are getting used or falling into the hands of others – from those who are already addicted to just bored teenagers.” says Oliver.

“A nuanced discussion between the medical community about the complexities of brain treatment is clearly important. [The] problem is: that discussion became dominated by the pharmaceutical industry, who started amplifying the message that opioids should not just be used for acute pain — from that of cancer or surgery — but all sorts of pain, like arthritis and backaches.”

“One of Purdue’s doctors in charge of marketing the drug, said that the problem with the perception that people are addicted is that it’s just “relief seeking behavior mistaken as drug addiction.”

“Wow, that is so convenient. That is like Chipotle going, ‘Have you heard of this fascinating new thing called pseudo-diarrhea? It looks a lot like diarrhea but it’s not diarrhea and the cure may actually be more tacos.”

Thoughts? Do you know someone who’s been hooked on the prescriptions?

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1 Comment on "OMG, WATCH: John Oliver takes on America’s opioid addiction"

  1. Here is the thing. Pain Dependency has a LOT to do with this subject, because there are thousands of us pain dependent on some form of opiods through the military & via geriatric doctors who; in an effort to shut a patient up, gave them something over strong that they are now hopeslessly pain dependent on.

    You may find that a funny line, but its nothing of the sort. Its terrible, in that we are being literally hooked on a substance that up until a few years ago, had NO way of being changed for something stronger that was SAFE. Stronger it might be, but SAFE? NO.

    So now, comes along an ancient opiod addiction buster from way back when it was an OPIUM addiction buster from the South Pacific. For awhile the only states that banned its sales were those with BIG PHARMA precenses {read paid their way to have their way with state legislations & laws}; but other state’s folk were able to realize that certain of the 18 varietals of Kratom were able to reduce the need, reduce the pain that oxycodone, the basic 5mg dose of opiods, could be removed & replaced by the Kratom at a serving of about 1 gram or 2 capsules 3 times a day.
    Until that became a THING, a cause celebre online, then Big Pharma wanted no part of it & they tried to strong arm the FDA to BAN 3 of the substances found in ALL of the varieties, thereby would have BANNED all of Kratom all over the country, replacing Marijuana just as its ability to jail with the War on Drugs was drying up.

    Many of us risked personal harm & possible proscecution to fight for Kratom in that 30 days of HELL called September between the August 31st SURPRISE announcement by the FDA that they were going to schedule Kratom’s 3 consituents as Schedule A with NO times for public comment or debate.
    That was WAY too strong handed for even the public much less congress or the senate to put up with executive might, so for us; we fought on twitter, we fought on Facebook, we ASKED FOR HELP from the public.
    Because Kratom this time is fighting Opiod addiction AND Opiod Dependency. Before Big Phamra there was the Dutch East India Company & their strangle hold on the countries that exported through them- OPIUM.
    And they also made a boot load of money off of the supposed “sanitoriums” there to WEAN the very rich addicted to OPIUM, OFF Opium. Yes, they benefited from both the addicting & the weaning. Transport us to TODAY: & what we now have is a suddenly blooming addiction clinic level to Over expensive medical services that directly bites people in their medical insurances to pay for it; plus Big Pharma gets to use the clinic’s patients/victims as drug guinea pigs to develope alternatively addicting substances while STILL not getting even a Hand Slap for selling to BOTH licensed & UNlicensed Drug Pill Mills & addicting millions of damaged, elderly & sick plus veteran populations with the SELF SAME Opiods.
    Kratom breaks the addiction. What Kratom CANT do is completely take over from where Opiods allieve pain. Kratom can take the oxycodone pain levels away but not the deep morphine long term pain, that’s different.

    So trying to remove it because its Obvuiously going to bite your extreme profit bottom line, that’s heavy handed. RECOGNIZING THROUGH National Institutes of Health paid Clinical Studies that Kratom is a very responsible, SAFE, alternative to the basics of opiod dependency & can take the place of oxycodone? THAT’s something to FIGHT for, because it negates the need to label an entire group of our society as something they are NOT. Addicts, & helping those addicts who are addicted for the fun of it, to reduce their misery & dependence on Big Pharma.

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