!! OMG, WATCH: Johnny Depp goes off on Amber Heard, throws a wine glass at her !!

Eeesh! The video doesn’t exactly shine a light in Depp‘s favour in this case… Check out the shocking new video above.

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5 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Johnny Depp goes off on Amber Heard, throws a wine glass at her"


  2. doesn’t help Amber Heard’s case at all and just makes it look like she was doing anything to compile any info to use against him down the line. he was angry, never threw a thing at her or struck her. those cabinets took the beating.

  3. In response to Steve, if you have an abusive spouse and you want help, but people are likely to not believe you because your experience of abuse conflicts with people’s ideas about/projections of your abuser, you’re probably gonna be desperate for some evidence. We have an epidemic of victim-blaming in our country. We’d rather blame women who get abducted for wearing that shirt/those shorts than the person who made a decision to physically abduct and harm them. Bad on Johnny’s part. You can admire his work and still speak against abuse.

  4. It all seemed al little staged to me. Regardless, it is sad that people who have received so much in life, where others suffer, work hard and receive very little, still behave like barnyard animals.

  5. I don’t think it reflects well on her, either. She’s obviously set up the camera to record and basically encouraging him to behave badly so she can catch it on record. Bad on both their parts.

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