!! OMG, WATCH: Lady Gaga’s FULL NFL Half-time show 2017 !!

Gaga didn’t get too political, but she did throw shade at Trump by performing “This Land Is Your Land” which she also at the Democratic Nation Convention in July 2016, which became an anti-Trump anthem.

Protestors have been singing this song at rallies against Trump’s Muslim Ban. “This Land Is Your Land” was written by Woody Guthrie in 1944. Guthrie also wrote a poem criticizing Fred Trump (his land-lord) for being a racist POS.

Gaga then went on to perform a medley of her greatest hits. What did you think, OMG? Was it YASSSSS Gaga? Has she solidified her place at the pop-top for all you hungry bottoms?

[via ontd]

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2 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Lady Gaga’s FULL NFL Half-time show 2017"

  1. On fucking stolen land. Nice one, Gaga. ‘Talent’ doesn’t excuse hosting a gay slave auction in Berlin in 2011. Talent doesn’t excuse hanging out with people in Black face who pretend to be your rent-a-slaves, some mocking trans women of color. Talent doesn’t excuse sexualizing Latinx culture. Talent doesn’t excuse destroying anyone’s life who tries to come for you but they’re not famous.

    Please post the images of her from the faux slave auction, or are your posts just ally theater? Link below:


  2. Already blocked content

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