!! OMG, they’re naked (and getting it on): Geoffrey Couët and François Nambot in ‘Théo & Hugo’ !!

Théo & Hugo is a new French movie that features lots of unsimulated gay action between the stars Geoffrey Couët and François Nambot. The two men meet at a naughty Paris club and their love story unfolds from there. See the NSFW GIFs after the jump!

Enjoy the GIFs, and watch the full scene here.

Video download available here!

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20 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked (and getting it on): Geoffrey Couët and François Nambot in ‘Théo & Hugo’"

  1. Holy Unicorn Batman!

  2. Hello-

    a question for anyone who has seem the film. are the
    real sex scenes confined to the opening section in the
    sex club or are there real sex scenes thru out the film?

  3. I tried to google about the actors, does anybody know if they are gay in real life? or it was all just for the movie?

  4. OMG. just watched this movie and it was really amazing, but also it is really f-d that neither the wikipedia page, rotten tomatoes, nor the film’s website make mention of the fact that the plot is centred around HIV. All the copy just talks about how it’s sexy and romantic, which it is, but it’s also really heavy and I was really not ready for how close to home that first scene hit. Adding this comment as the content warning I could have used before starting the film.

  5. I found this movie online. The first few minutes basically (no penetration) is porn. There is a bit of oral like above and some hard penis.

  6. Jackoff material!


  8. great posting…you guys are awesome

    …it’s always a downer to see a movie about gay life that is all white cis men…or one token POC…esp. the sex scenes

    b/c sex and dating are some of the last arenas in society where outright racism, sexism, and even transphobia are allowed to flourish with little redress…

    b/c sex and dating are said to just be about “preference” when, in reality, race and gender are very different than hair color and other traits…

    b/c when a movie like this refuses to show gay men of color having sex with equal gusto it sends a signal that queer cinematic eroticism is only about white gay male power and dominance and discover and pleasure…and only a SEGREGATED space is best for them

    it’s sad

    i can no longer watch any kind of sexual imagery and turn off my sense of racial justice, queer justice

    i mean, if i am resisting the shit happening in or world right now with brexit, trump, the quebec white supremacist mosque attack, and on and on, then i have go to resist the racism, sexism, and transphobia in erotic photos and videos too

    i want an inclusive queer and trans sex world that celebrates all kinds of beauty, hotness, bodies, colors, sizes…

    • Be my friend, please!

    • What are you even taking about? Why must the writer of this film insert a trans person if that isn’t what they wanted to write?

      You’re attacking the wrong media. Start directing your rambling to companies that cast Ashton Kutcher opposite random White Girl # 6, surrounding them with a few lovable straight friends (one of whom might be a token minority if you’re lucky).

      Whining about filmmakers who ARE showing minority diversity is not where this enmity should be directed (because, yes – two queer, white cisgender gay men are STILL minorities facing discrimination and a lack of visibility on this planet).

      P.S. Every time I have seen your name in the comments it is some whiney bitch session about the ads or the content. Take your soapbox to the networks.

    • Hit it, girl <3

    • France is about 85% white. It’s not a huge stretch of the imagination to think that French films are going to reflect that.

      And I don’t know what world you’re living in, but in mine there is no shortage of trans porn, bear porn, Latino porn, black porn, little person porn, average amateur people porn, and every other possible kind of porn that anyone could be into. That they’re not all fucking each other doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

  9. AIDAN STAFFORD | February 3, 2017 at 7:17 pm | Reply

    Although I have not yet seen the film, “Theo and Hugo” (nor, read of its story-line), its erotic candor seems to be a gay male version of another French film, the Oscar nominated, “Betty Blue” [In France, it was known as 32-degrees du matin: 32 degrees in the morning]. And, clearly,”Theo and Hugo” exhibits more of an erotic nuance than the Italian remake of, “Devil In The Flesh”[Another straight film with sexual candor]. And to this, I state that such a gay male cinematic counterpart, is a “gem-stone” that is a long time in coming.[…Pun un-intended…] Hopefully, all can celebrate such a film finally being manifest.

  10. Holy Cow!

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