!! OMG, WATCH: Madonna uploads pitch-corrected version of her Eurovision performance !!

It might seem as if Madonna asked her sound engineer to autotune the shit of her recent Eurovision performance. If you caught the original on TV, then check out the newly Melodyned version above! Thoughts!?

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8 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Madonna uploads pitch-corrected version of her Eurovision performance"

  1. It s nothing really new that Madonna s Performances are reworked for Media afterwards.
    And at the Eurovision – her shaky vocals can have several reasons. Would be great to heart something from herself about what happened there.
    ALL those ESC Singers had technical problems but in difference to Madonna they had 14 Days in Tel Aviv with several rehearsals to fix them. And Madonna was first standing on a high stairway singing those first lines acappella into a big hall.
    I think it was not helpfull wearing a big coat and mowving down the stairs.She should have perform a much more entertaining song like Medellin and a Hit Medley Tel Aviv.
    First time I was not excited about a Madonna Performance.

  2. What an improvement! I was at the “performance” in Tel Aviv and she was disappointing. But it was great of her to turn up despite having bad conjunctivitis. At least she didn’t fall down those steps.

  3. Your right Stanhope !

  4. James Groves | May 21, 2019 at 7:51 pm | Reply

    Madonna is back!!! Her music is what is happening today, good, bad or ugly. Her production numbers are perfect and her stories are real. She is still the Queen of Pop!!!

  5. Stanhope: This proves nothing, except youre out of touch with music today. Bey looks great, but without assist, her voice is not a powerhouse. Likewise with Madonna & about every other singer in the world. Even Taylor Swift uses assist. The last time i heard her sing without aid, it was a scratchy duet with Stevie Nicks, who sounded perfect.
    Its also one thing that angers me about the community. An icon can work decades for equality, but some will ditch/diss them without thought or care. A nice way to appreciate an ally.

    • There is no “the” community. No one speaks for, or represents, everyone else. No one is an icon to all. I don’t especially like or dislike any of the mentioned singers, just not my style of music to begin with. The idea that “all” gays idolize Madonna, or Beyonce, or drag queens, is no better than stereotypes perpetuated by “the” str8 community. We are all ourselves and that is beautiful. P.S. Opera singers don’t use autotune.

  6. Well Beyonce doesn’t have a thing to worry about. Sad to say, Madonna is over. This proves it.

    • I didn’t realize this was a contest. Let artists do their thing. When they lend a helping hand be grateful,,,

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