!! OMG, WATCH: Patti Lupone calls Madonna a ‘Movie Killer’ !!

She’s not a fan as her acting talent! Patti Lupone goes IN on Madge! Oooh, GURRRRRR! The savagery! Check out what she has to say above!

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6 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Patti Lupone calls Madonna a ‘Movie Killer’"

  1. I thought Madonna did a great job in Evita. She was bad in everything else.


  3. you know I have to agree with Patti. Patti is really such a control freak that she doesn’t allow herself to be vunerable when she’s acting. I think the late Whitney was okay as an actress and alot better than Madonna. If Madonna ever let her guard down she would be good.

  4. While I agree Madonna is not a great dialogue actress, she happens to be a great silent actress and a great singing actress and she was a perfect fit for Evita. In fact, she elevated Eva beyond the one-dimensional stage portrayals by Paige and Lupone. Madonna’s Eva was less stereotypical, more complex, more nuanced, more human…and more accurate, I believe. I can’t say I’m surprised that a blunt weapon like Lupone would find no value in Madonna’s portrayal…nuance and subtlety have never been a part of Lupone’s vocabulary.

  5. LuPone should talk. She’s a terrible actress. Case in Point: I saw her in Master Class on Broadway. Zoe Caldwell spent 2 hours and 45 minutes capturing the memories and painful past of Callas in the last year of her life. LuPone had us out in just over 2 hours, including intermission! She garbled her way through it, and never once captured Callas’ heartbreak in this beautiful, devastating play. Madonna was just fine as Evita. Would you rather have seen Streisand? Minnelli? Streep? No thanks.

  6. Not a Mad fan but ‘Evita’ is the best thing she ever did and she did manage to produce a very good, solid performance playing an ambitious prostitute. I thought the movie very good, way out-classing something like ‘La La’. Mad got the young girl, the take-no-prisoners politician, and the actress performing before the whole country. Dying was a little harder for her. But then did Eva Peron ever really die? And she definitely had the movie star look that was required for a big screen. Lupone would have looked like the General’s dog.

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