!! OMG, WATCH: Roseanne defends racist Valerie Jarrett tweet !!

Roseanne made an attempt to defend her racist Valerie Jarrett tweet this week with this clip above. She seems totally… together. Thoughts?

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8 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Roseanne defends racist Valerie Jarrett tweet"

  1. Yet Samantha “Feckless C*nt” Bee is still on the air. Go figure. #EyeRoll

  2. I didn’t know she smoked cigarettes.

  3. Is that Annabelle over to her left? Shit explained.

  4. This looks like a set up. She is acting. She’s portraying even more crazy with this obviously staged director telling her to act like a president in trouble. After this is release, she go to a “rehab” or have some sort of diagnosis that inevitably makes it OK that she sent all the racist that she said. Then she gets back on TV and all is well.

  5. she’s not a racist
    i have been around her my whole life and
    the one thing she isn’t its racist

    • She argued Goldman Sachs should be executed. She tweeted about “Jewish mind control.” She promoted a Holocaust denier. She referred to “Islamic pedo culture.” She has continuously likened women of color to apes–not just Valerie Jarrett, but Susan Rice as well. Why should I let you speak for her when I can let her own words speak for her?

  6. Damn. She needs to up her meds.

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