!! OMG, WATCH: Ryan Lochte attacked by protestors during ‘Dancing With The Stars’ critique !!

Some people must have been really pissed that Ryan Lochte soiled SPEEDO’s reputation by lying about being robbed in Rio! Check out the moment it happened above! (Also – from the 3 seconds we saw of Ryan dancing on that playback – he seems hopeless!) Maybe it’s safer just to go home?

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5 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Ryan Lochte attacked by protestors during ‘Dancing With The Stars’ critique"

  1. Like I said, people are fed up with these celebrity idiots. When people get riled up it offtimes ends in violence, so I actually think this douche got off easy. Enough with coddling these people, sometimes it takes getting beat down a few times for people to get the hint, especially if they’re oblivious about how to act like a normal human being.

  2. Chris, I run into a lot of people acting like total assholes and embarrassments. It’s okay to get sick of someone. The response should be to not buy their products (for example, their TV show).
    The response should not be an organized physical assault with you gang of supporters.

  3. How could something like this happen to a guy who looks so good in a speedo?
    He opened up his mouth.
    If he had something warm and throbbing in there, he might not have so many problems.

  4. Because, I imagine, people are sick of celebrities, or the privileged few, acting like total assholes. Anyone else vandalized a gas station, lied to police, lied to the media, embarrassed their country, and just acts like a douche in general they wouldn’t get on a tv show. I think that’s why they did it.

  5. Okay, Ryan is a jerk but why do people, not just one but an orchestrated group, feel that it’s honorable and justifiable to infiltrate a studio audience and try to assault someone because they don’t like them?

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