!! OMG, WATCH: Sarah Silverman to ‘Bernie Or Bust’ at DNC: You’re being ridiculous !!

So according to Wikileaks, and some leaked emails – there’s been some serious DNC manipulation in Hillary’s favour – but Sarah is trying to look past all that and she wants us to vote for Hillary and beat Trump so we don’t have the next Hitler on our hands! Cuz then we’d be really fuct! We can see how frustrating this all is, but she’s also kind of right. Check out Sarah’s speech above!

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6 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Sarah Silverman to ‘Bernie Or Bust’ at DNC: You’re being ridiculous"

  1. I have yet to figure out why this is remotely news. Every single election, every single party, promotes and supports the candidate that they believe has the best chance of defeating the opposing candidate. This is nothing new, and it’s been going on for decades if not centuries.

  2. Hillary 2016!!! Bernie lost, get over it. Do people realize that by not supporting democrats, you are supporting big oil, citizens united, and everything everyone worked so hard for. Its good to call out corruption but at what costs?? When the other party is openly saying he will discriminate based on religion, is the fucked up DNC really our biggest problem?

  3. Silverman is a big sell-out. Figures, she is worth around $12 million, so of course, it was easier for her to slip right into Hillary’s embrace. Hillary, a Republican in sheep’s clothing. I am tired of the “vote for Hillary because Trump is the boogie man” mantra. Vote for your principles and stick to them. So since they rigged the elections (now proven) against Bernie, I am voting for the Green Party, Jill Stein. #neverhillary

  4. Compliant cowards. Yes, let us blame the Bernie supporters for not accepting blatant collusion, fraud, and cheating out of Trumphobia. Two wrongs dont make a right. What a lesson to send kids — sure, the DNC cheated, but thats ok because Trump is a bad, bad man! Well, Hillary is a bad, bad woman, too. They have every right to be upset, and shame on Sarah and this site for condoning the DNC’s behavior by trying to blame those who speak out against it.

  5. Or not. I’m not going to listen to a fucking exploitative liar. She can take her fake ‘women earn less than menz, cuz I’m proof, just don’t look it up, derp derp derp’ ass back to Hillary’s cheque cashing place.

  6. I love her, but here, fuck Silverman.

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