!! OMG, WATCH: The trailer for “Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey” is real… and it’s here !!

A bunch of classic children’s stories have begun to enter the public domain, hinnie… it’s true. Stuff like Pinocchio, and even WINNIE THE POO! Who might attempt to soil its legacy by making a live-action spin on the classic – AND as a horror franchise, you ask!?

As director Rhys Waterfield revealed in an interview with Variety, the film was shot over the course of 10 days near the Ashdown Forest in England, the inspiration for the Hundred Acre Woods as depicted in Milne’s original stories, which only entered the public domain this year. To avoid copyright issues with Disney — which owns the interpretations of the character as seen in various films and television shows — certain elements were changed, including swapping Pooh Bear’ red shirt for lumberjack gear and omitting characters like Tigger who are still under copyright.

The movie stars Craig David Dowsett and Chris Cordell as Winnie and his best friend Piglet, who go on a rampage after Christopher Robin (Nikolai Leon) abandons them for college. Without the influence of their human friend, the two turn feral, seeking prey and stalking the humans near their homes. The trailer showcases the characters on their rampage, revealing more of the twisted interpretation of A.A. Milne’s beloved characters.

Oof. That answer would even make Eeyore scream “Thank you for NOT noticing me!!” Goodness. First of all, any title with the words POOH and BLOOD in the same line is immediately a big NO. Second, I just CAN’T with that tile font. Anyhoo, check out the trailer after the jump!

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