!! OMG, WERK! Janet flaunts new lewk on Instagram !!

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That’s the way love goes. 📸: @solaimanfazel

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Janet Jackson is that newly-divorced-from-a-billionaire pop star who is lookin snatched to the high heavens again and ready to debut music! Check out her new ‘do above! Thoughts!?

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3 Comments on "OMG, WERK! Janet flaunts new lewk on Instagram"

  1. Bruce Alexander | December 18, 2018 at 9:44 pm | Reply

    Wow! She is even more gorgeous than she was before, and I didn’t think that would be possible. I have always loved her music. She is fantastic in every way. I look forward to some new videos with her doing some amazing dance moves. Janet….I love you girl1 You did the right thing divorcing your husband. He fell in love with the woman you were, and then he changed you. We still love YOU, and don’t want to change you AT ALL!
    As for Dave’s comment….people, no matter their age, are interested in great music. She’s in her late 50’s….SO WHAT! Our generation of fantastic performers are getting older but not replaced with today’s mediocre musicians.

  2. I love Janet Jackson. Having said that her music will never be relevant to today’s teens and twenty somethings. Kids just are not interested in the music of a 50 yr old woman. These pop stars of my youth including Maria, Madonna and Janet need to stop fooling themselves. Get a residency in Vegas and I would love to come see you.

    • As long as she’s fit enough to travel and still selling out venues everywhere, a Vegas residency would only serve to limit her audience to those who are willing to spend their vacation time on Vegas. Personally, that place doesn’t appeal to me *at all* and it’d be a shame having to take two or more days off work, book flights, hotel, rental car, etc. just to see a 1.5-hour show.

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