!! OMG, werk your kooky, hunnie! GOP candidate claims Colorado’s out gay governor is secretly straight !!

Can you even imaj!? This is so ridiculous. Danielle Neuschwanger, who is running in the Republican primary to be governor of Colorado, is getting attention for a WILD claim that the current governor of Colorado, Gov. Jared Polis , is hiding a big secret: he’s actually straight.

Danielle has said that Gov. Jared Polis pretended to be gay to get elected and staged a “sham” wedding to his husband, all while he’s having secret “swingers parties.” Some of Danielle’s finest quotes:

“You guys want to know something crazy about Polis? He’s not even gay,” she said, in audio captured by an attendee.

“I didn’t know any of this until, like, we got involved in politics,” she continued. “So, his real name is Jared Schutz, and he was married to a woman, who he used to abuse the heck out of.”

She said that Polis sexually assaulted a woman and then changed his name from Schutz to Polis. She also said he got involved in politics at the behest of “Tom Gill” (she was probably referring to gay billionaire Tim Gill), who “figured out the way to get the gays in Colorado was to have someone run for governor who is gay. So, right before this happened, they told Jared Polis he had to get divorced.”

“Well, everyone said, when he was running for governor, no one knew he was gay,” she continued. “But all of a sudden, right before he won, he came out as the first Jewish gay guy in Colorado. He’s not actually gay! So then, they bring in Marlon — and, you know, have you ever seen him and Marlon have public displays of affection, hold hands, kiss, hug?”

She said that Polis and his head of security “sneak prostitutes in and out of his apartment in Boulder all the time, and they have swingers’ parties and all kinds of things. He’s not gay! When we heard this, I was like, ‘You’re kidding me!’”

“They never even kissed at their wedding. It’s all a sham. I really want to put him in a jail cell,” she said.”

LOVELY! Daniella seems… sweet! We have to give it to Danielle for upping the ante on crazy! She is def serving Republi-delusion on a whole other level! BUT if she does come correct (she doesn’t) then we really commend Jared for following wise-woman TS Madison‘s mantra and stepping his bussy up, suckin a dick — to get a JAAHB!

[via LGBTQnation]

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3 Comments on "OMG, werk your kooky, hunnie! GOP candidate claims Colorado’s out gay governor is secretly straight"

  1. The GQP is literally blowing in the wind.

  2. Str8 to the next d**K and a$$!!!

  3. It was because the “He eats BABIES!!!!” card was played by the GOP in the last election.

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