!! OMG, yes they did: Five climactic male moments in film !!

Love 3D

We’re always keeping our eyes open for film scenes where the male actors shed their inhibitions (and the corresponding contract stipulations) and just show us a little something. While peen on the big screen is still a rare sight, what’s even more rare are unsimulated acts of love (or self-love).

However, it does happen occasionally, and we have five of these special scenes for you after jump in very NSFW GIFs.

The GIFs are just a taste. Go HERE to see the full climactic playlist.

5) Karl Glusman in Love 3D (2015)

Karl Gusman Love 3D

In 2015, film provocateur Gaspar Noé shocked audiences with his X-rated movie, Love 3D. Noé focuses on the integral role sex plays in relationships, and, in case you couldn’t tell by the title, does so in 3D. The stunning Karl Glusman has multiple cumshots in the movie, but this one – complete with some CGI jizz for a 3D effect – makes the biggest splash. Duck or it might hit you!

Head here to see this and other scenes from Love 3D.

4) Ferrin Solano in I Want Your Love (2012)

Ferrin Solano in Shortbus

There are too many real life cumshots to count in the ensemble gay flicks I Want Your Love, but this one from Ferrin Solano can’t be beat! In an unforgettable and unsimulated sex scene, the beary sexy Wayne Bumb pounds the cum out of the hungry bottom. Considering that eight men in total show their cocks in I Want Your Love, it’s definitely not to be missed.

See the full scenes from I Want Your Love here.

3) Casey Donovan and Peter Fisk in Boys in the Sand (1971)

Boys in the Sand

Boys in the Sand elevated adult film in the way that Deep Throat did. It was advertised to mainstream audiences and received critical acclaim. What you get is 90 minutes full of ridiculously hot (real) sex, including this epic cumshot from superstar Casey Donovan.

Head here for to see more from the film.

2) Kieran O’Brien in 9 Songs (2004)

Kieran O'Brien 9 Songs

We fell completely in lust with the Brit babe Kieran O’Brien after seeing his performance in 9 Songs. He’s smoldering, focused and well-hung: a winning combination.

See the X-rated scenes from 9 Songs here (there are a few more).

1) Paul Dawson in Shortbus (2006)

Paul Dawson in Shortbus

If you’ve seen John Cameron Mitchell’s ode to human sexuality, Shortbus, you probably haven’t forgotten the opening scene in which the gorgeous Paul Dawson actually cums in his own mouth! The full clip includes a shot of the flexible Paul sucking himself off, and it is definitely worth checking out. Now, where are those tissues?

Head here to watch the full cumshot playlist.

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  1. This reminded me I’ve never seen 9 Songs. That cock and that load…damn!!

  2. Hello-

    the link to Mr. Man is rather deceptive. while many
    of the cum shots listed on the site are the real thing
    many are not. they should have only listed real cum

  3. Jackoff material!

  4. Kieron O’Brien is proof that the Irish curse is a lie.

  5. Yum!!!!

  6. wow! i scrolled down and wasn’t expecting the 1st clip to be a cock dead on squirting quite thick cum directly at me…wow. just wow!

  7. And a Happy Saint Paddy’s Day to everyone!

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