!! OMG, Yum or nah!? Presenting PICKLE-flavoured seltzer !!

La Croix ain’t got shit on Big Swig, the self-described “Texas water, made by Texans, available only in Texas,” has new flavors bold enough to claim complete originality in the larger market. The maverick flavors released in June are Prickly Pear Cucumber, Watermelon Mint, Chile Mango; just this week, Jalapeño Pineapple and… PARTY PICKLE! Barrrrf! …or maybe yum? Thoughts, OMG!? Would you sip? What kind of booze would be good with it?

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4 Comments on "OMG, Yum or nah!? Presenting PICKLE-flavoured seltzer"

  1. It might be OK if you poured it over a hamburger.

  2. I’ve got a party pickle right here in my Speedos.

  3. I knew those Texans were pickle smoochers and swallowers

  4. A lot of those flavors like pear cucumber or watermelon mint sound like body wash fragrances and I’m not sure if that translates well to taste. Chili mango? No ty I don’t want my fruit flavor to have a hot sauce style zing to it. And as for the pickle one? Barf. I can’t imagine that flavor without picturing in my head those videos of people drinking pickle juice straight out of the jar and me wanting to dry heave.

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