!! OMG, A Broken Clock Is Right Twice a Day! !!

Obviously this bitch is an ignorant pig! However, having been (belatedly) introduced to GRINDR this weekend, I can’t say that I totally disagree with her. This computer thing is clearly the tool of homosexual devils!
UPDATE: Several readers have rightly pointed out that this is a sneaky lesbian joke! I was too stupid to notice the rainbow flag and telltale haircut. (Hey, everyone knows that the line between old lezbn and krazy kristian is a fine one!)
SO the moral here is that I am a fool and that a broken clock is actually never right. I stand by my conclusion, though: the computer IS a homosexual tool of the devil. Who can dispute this!
(Via Lady Bunny)

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6 Comments on "OMG, A Broken Clock Is Right Twice a Day!"

  1. OMG! What a Joke, LOL

  2. “Homo War Machine is a great band name! I’m so stealing it.

  3. ugh, you’re right! i know who alan turing is but was too stupid to catch the sarcasm. should have noticed the lesbionic haircut and the RAINBOW FLAG. oopsy!
    i guess a broken clock is never right!

  4. Erm…you do know that the sign is supposed to be satire right?

  5. She is being sarcastic. She is pointing out that Alan Turing invented the computer, AND he broke the German war code Enigma, which helped greatly in defeating the Nazi’s. And he was gay.

  6. Were you being ironic? Because she certainly was. She’s holding a rainbow flag and an ironic sign.

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