!! OMG, a contest: WIN one of two limited edition T-shirts from artist Dean Sameshima !!

We’re giving away TWO uber-sexy t-shirts from artist Dean Sameshima!
A bit about Dean from the Deano, himself:

I am an artist based in Berlin, Germany.
This a shop inspired by my Tumblr page: http://cruiseorbecruised.tumblr.com/ which is a visual diary of my inspirations in visual art, queer histories, gay underground subcultures of the past as well as my heroes in literature, performance, music, film, etc…

I am a huge fan of T-shirts, I wear them ALL THE TIME, even in the winter. They communicate our personal interests, politics, desires, loves and obsessions. When I see someone wearing a shirt from a band I love, I automatically feel a sense of connection with that person. It’s a cool feeling.

I’m inspired by vintage concert shirts (especially bootlegs) as well as Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren‘s Seditionaries shirts from the 70’s and their use of images appropriated from various subcultures. My shirts are like the concert/tour T-shirts for the various films, artists and authors I admire. I will be producing more and more editions and hope you all will enjoy them on the walls of your bedrooms, toilets, hallways, closets…where ever you want to add a bit of subtle (and
not-so-subtle) QUEERNESS!

THE CONTEST: Which movie is the image printed on the shirt (above) from, and why was it awesome?
THE RULES: Please email your contest answer/entry along with your full name, North American shipping address, and telephone number, and SIZE (Small, Medium, or Large) to [email protected]. All personal information is collected in accordance with our privacy policy.
Our favourite 2 responses submitted will win one of two t-shirts! (We also highly recommend checking out Dean’s Tumblr, AND if you just can’t wait to win a contest, then you can purchase a variety of them today over at Dean’s Etsy store.)

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