!! OMG, a giant bunny! !!

So I’m on the Bolt Bus right now, which by the way totally sucks!
Dear Bolt Bus: If you’re going to promise me internet on the bus, it sure as f*ck better work, because I’m not a pretty sight when I’m separated from my GChat.
Anyway, thank God: after a sweaty, panicky hour in which the WiFi did not work at all, the internet finally seems to be kinda running. I mean, sort of, because shit it’s slow. No, I mean really slow. This makes the 14.4k dialup from when I was twelve look speedy.
So all this is just to say many apologies in advance if things aren’t exactly fast-paced today. I’m doing my best! And right now I’ve got some amazing news you can use.
If you’re in the NYC area you can go pat Herbie the 18 pound bunny (pictured above, and awww, right?!) at the Prospect Park Zoo this weekend.
According to a zoo spokeswoman, he’s “Such a moosh.” Is that we’re calling it now? Put this rabbit on a hamster wheel…
[NY Times]

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