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!! OMG, queerly reimagined: Romeo and Juliet love story !!

Starcrossed by Rachel Garnet
What if Romeo and Juliet supporting characters Mercutio and Tybalt were lovers? In Starcrossed, a new play by Rachel Garnet that debuted at this year’s FringeNYC, that is exactly the premise. Garnet took inspiration from the original Shakespeare text, but created new living, breathing and conflicted characters in her two protagonists.

Read a review of the play over at Popdust.

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!! OMG, a webcomic: The Twink Rage Revue #03 | Does It Make You Feel Something? !!

We’re back with the third installment of The Twink Rage Revue, a monthly comic strip by Eric Kostiuk Williams (@kostiukwilliams). The series, exclusive to our site, explores music, art, politics, and queer culture through sensuous line work, colors to melt ya fair eyeballs, and a caring (if occasionally snarky) spirit.

See the third installment of The Twink Rage Revue “Does It Make You Feel Something?” after the jump (and check out the first two installments if you missed ’em)!


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!! OMG, WATCH: Cynthia Nixon says New York should be able to hit the bong whenever they damn well please! !!

CLIFFSNOTES: Time to stop throwing people of color in jail while letting white people walk free for something that is essentially harmless and could be making the government bucketloads of money. PREACH! We love her. Check out what Cynthia Nixon has to say above!

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