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!! OMG Throwback: Tom Tom Club’s 1981 Video ‘As Above, So Below’ !!

Tom Tom Club was an arty early 80s New York new wave band, originally a side project of Talking Heads, most famous now for the sample of their hit Genius of Love, in Mariah Carey‘s Fantasy.

Their video for As Above, So Below, from their 1981 debut album, was directed by Mary Lambert, who went on to direct most of Madonna‘s early videos (Borderline, Like a Virgin, Like A Prayer) as well as Janet Jackson‘s Nasty and Control.

You might know her best from the 1989 cult horror classic Pet Sematary.

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!! OMG, RIP: The New York $1.00 Pizza Slice is no more! !!

It will now remain a tale from history: The $1 pizza slice has been a known and celebrated part of the New York City food landscape for years, but now, thanks to inflation, its days appear to be numbered as 2 Bros. Pizza has raised the price of its dollar slice to $1.50! BROOOO, c’mon.

College kids who can afford to live in New York City because their parent’s pay their rent, will now have to shell out an extra 50 CENTS per slice.

“Inflation is affecting every single ingredient, every single item we use. Flour, cheese, tomatoes, gloves, paper goods, paper plates, napkins. Everything. Labor is definitely up, as well.”

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!! OMG, Art: Painter Kyle Dunn’s new show ‘Night Pictures’ at PPOW Gallery, in New York !!

Painter Kyle Dunn opens a stunning new show, Night Pictures, on April 7 at PPOW Gallery in New York.

According to the gallery, in his new paintings:

Dunn collapses the studio, the home, and the city into a singular arena where the dramas of artistic production, interpersonal relationships, mediated connections, and metropolitan living are played out on an unnervingly surreal and darkly humorous stage.

Oh, the gay human condition of it all!

See more of his queer protagonists, “supple and seductive, yet at times dissociative and withdrawn”—sound familiar?—after the jump!


!! OMG, Art: ‘Nick Cave: Forothermore’ at the Guggenheim, New York !!

Not that we really need a reason, but we’re considering popping in to New York to catch artist Nick Cave‘s sumptuous, career-spanning show at the Guggenheim, before it closes on April 10.

Featured, are some rarely seen early work, along side the installations and Soundsuit costumes for which he has become so well known.

The show’s title, Forothermore, is “a new word that reflects the artist’s lifelong commitment to creating space for those who feel marginalized by dominant society and culture—especially working-class communities and queer people of color.

According to the Guggenheim:

Installed in the museum’s tower galleries, the survey’s thematic sections are titled “What It Was,” “What It Is,” and “What It Shall Be”, inspired by an old African American greeting. The exhibition will unfold as a tripartite story, with each chapter looking into the past, present, and future of Cave’s practice.

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!! OMG, watch: co-directors of ‘The Stroll,’ a documentary about trans sex workers in New York’s meatpacking district in the 80s and 90s !!

Discussing how trans pain is “not the sum of our stories,” Kristen Lovell and Zachary Drucker, co-directors of The Stroll, a documentary about trans sex workers in New York’s meatpacking disctrict in the 1980s and 1990s, sit down with IndieWire for an in-depth conversation about the genesis of the film, and the need for stories that share the breadth of trans experience… including joy.

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!! OMG, do you even read, sis? Valerie Solanas’ scarce play ‘Up Your Ass’ !!

Valerie Solanas Up Your Ass

If you like your important LGBTQ+ literary texts short, sharp and snappy, might Cookie suggest Up Your Assa rarely published play by vanguard NYC downtowner and Andy Warhol shooter Valerie Solanas.

According to publisher Sternberg Press, it explodes “social and sexual mores and the hypocritical, patriarchal culture that produces them” with “signature irreverence and wit, incisiveness and camp.”

Careful though, you just might see yourself imperfectly represented—as all representations are—in all your imperfectness, as “the unknowing john, the frothy career girl, the boring male narcissist, two catty drag queens, the sex-depraved housewife, and a pair of racialized pickup artists.”

!! OMG, ever wonder how not to be terrible? !!

how to behave

The Cut has done us all the supreme solid of compiling this very au courant list of how to “text, tip, ghost, host, and generally exist in the world today.”

A few standouts that we are echoing here for the people in the back:

18. If you’re a dating adult, you should own lube. It doesn’t matter who you are having sex with.

36. Never ask anyone what their job is. It’s classist and boring.

Anything critical they missed?



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