!! OMG, a peen contest: ‘The Big Swap’ !!

After the jump, see the four actors — Anthony Edridge, Kevin Hwsarth, Richard Cherry, and Mark Caven — who bare all for a group shower scene in 1998’s swinger movie, “The Big Swap.” Decide who you think makes the best show of it and tell us in the comments!

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5 Comments on "OMG, a peen contest: ‘The Big Swap’"

  1. Mark Caven nice and thick with juicy hangers you see him most in this scene and the one I would want to play with

  2. Aaaw you linked to my post on Justadream!
    I brought that on VHS years ago, so excited to see such blatant frontals in a ‘romantic drama’
    Glad you like it man

  3. They are ALL small….

  4. If Eldridge is on the far left, then him.

  5. Come on now. One marginal side view, one covered with a hand, the one in the distance is overshadowed by bush or an odd shadow or both. Guy on the left wins by default, not that his isn’t nice anyway.
    I suppose you’re trying, but this really seems to be reaching as far as a subject of a contest. Couldn’t you have contests between semi-pro guys from porn sites that would welcome the exposure for their models and the extra traffic it would bring them, or something like that?

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