!! OMG, a reason to get married: Jay Brannan !!

You might recognize folk singer Jay Brannan from his role in Shortbus where someone sings the “Star Spangled Banner” into his butt, or maybe you’ve heard his music on the gay folk circuit. Either way, I know he’s a dream come true for at least some of you: he’s cute, has a pretty voice, and likes doing the dishes.
And this is his new acoustic video: He wants to be your housewife, because “that’s just where (he’s) at.” (via Way Out West)

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8 Comments on "OMG, a reason to get married: Jay Brannan"


  2. Ohhh, that smile, that voice, he can be my housewife anytime he wants,hell, we can trade off! Love him !

  3. You guys are too funny. Enjoy the vocals… and the music.

  4. spiffy, lighten up.. there are gender roles in some relationships, straight (there are millions of women that take the dominate role in a marriage), gay or otherwise… everyone is different.. just because there are stereotypes, doesn’t mean we need to acknowledge them or give them any credence. Secondly, it’s a song.. a very personal song, done by an artist who was expressing his thoughts… These obviously aren’t your thoughts, nor are they my thoughts, but then I must of missed the banner at the beginning of the video that said “This is speaking for the millions of gay men out there”…

  5. spiffy,
    Just because you don’t like being associated with the stereotypes doesn’t mean someone else who fits those stereotypes has to pretend to be someone else for the sake of not promoting them.
    Everyone should be allowed to be whoever they want to be.
    I tip my hat to Jay for having the guts to being himself and allowing himself to fit into the stereotypes.

  6. hey, spiffy, “housewife” is not a gender.
    why is it someone else’s responsibility to enforce your ideal of the roles people play in a relationship? who is going to wash the dishes while you’re out playing football or killing deer or whatever it is you do with your manly man time? are you in the village people?
    the song is beautiful.

  7. And people wonder why straights ask us who’s the woman in the relationship… Way to go for reinforcing gender role stereotypes, genius!

  8. I’m getting married in three weeks! I’m so gonna be a housewife!

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