!! OMG, a St. Patrick’s Day Google search: “hot Irish men” !!

This is what happens when you Google image search “hot Irish men.” Colin Ferrell I understand. The same goes for Cillian Murphy. And I can even justify the three shirtless dudes in the bottom right-hand corner.
But I’m left scratching my head about a few of the other results: Rosie O’Donnell? Rose Byrne? These are not men. And only Rose Byrne is hot. A picture of a couple playing footsie? A VERY inebriated (Irish?), not even remotely attractive man? A green…car? Someone who understands the mysteries of Google, please explain.

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  1. Google will retrieve images from web pages that contain the words you search for. The closeness of the words to the image on the page has something to do with it, so if there is an online erotic story about a “hot Irish man” next to a picture of a couple playing footsie, that is the image you’ll get.

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