!! OMG, accesorized insecticides: Dorry Hsu’s ‘The Aesthetic of Fears’ !!

RCA attendee Dorry Hsu has created a jewelry collection based on her fear of multi-legged insects. The wearable pieces were 3D-printed in clear resin and latex which was then dip dyed.

“My collection is about the aesthetic and the attraction of fears. In many cultures people wear masks to scare evil away, so the masks are decorated with frightening images from the wearer’s own fears.”

If I were to create a jewelry collection based on my biggest fear it would be a series of Janice Dickinson masks, just as is…oooh hon, I am blooming terrified of that there face !
Click below to see the remainder of the buggy bracelets and multi-legged masks.

[via dezeen]

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