!! OMG, Adorable or Terrifying?: Scratching Many Capybaras !!

Hmm. Cute or scary? I CAN’T DECIDE. It’s charming to see these capybaras languour about, delighting in scratches, but I mean, picture a herd of them chasing you through a dark sewer and you start to realize that they’re a lot like huge rats. (Because that’s basically what they are!)
Still, I guess they’re basically pretty damn cute. Aw! Scratchy scratchy scratchy!
[Via Boing Boing]

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7 Comments on "OMG, Adorable or Terrifying?: Scratching Many Capybaras"

  1. ‘Oriental’ refers to things from Asia [like rugs and salad dressing]. ‘Asian’ is the term for people from Asia. Oriental is seen as racist and antiquated and almost on par with ‘Negro’.
    Catholics also eat them in Brazil: the church even considers them ‘fish’ so that they can eat them on Fridays in lent.
    and @XYZ you speak like the end all on culture but you don’t understand American culture and urban myths- the reference to them living in sewers in a joke and a reference to popular stories of “sewer monsters” including alligators, snakes and giant, dog-sized rodents. Before you start pointing fingers at ‘ignorant Americans’, realize your own ignorance.

  2. Orientals eat them, yes, u stupid American! Zero culture u have, thats one of the reasons u are so mocked of and hated all over the world. Capibaras are specific to South America, have nothing to do with the Oriental cuisine, mabe just in ur empty head. And they are erbivore, so their place is not a sewer, dumbasses. Wikipedia is for everyone…

  3. Yeah. Oriental’s will eat anything with a heartbeat or an eyeball. Assholes.

  4. @ me. Please get a life. These little guys are cute! What is wrong with saying Orientals eat them? As someone who has travled over seas to China and Japan they do have a different cuisine then the US and Europe. Quit being so sensitive and wipe the cobwebs out of your tiny skull.

  5. @Shannon, orientals..LOL wow, you suck. Also what’s the big deal about eating them? They’re no uglier then a pig, someone should be hit over the head with the culture hammer…that someone is you.

  6. Orientals actually eat these monstrous beasts!

  7. OMG! They are not rats; they are related to Guinea Pigs which are far removed from rats and many zoologists are considering removing them from the rodent family hmm!

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