!! OMG, How Reasonable: Non-homophobe ‘Survivor’ Shannon Elkins just ‘protecting his butthole’ from suspected gay castaway !!

Public Service Announcement guys: the new edition of Survivor, stationed in Nicaragua, is pretty good! This comes from a seasoned Survivor connoisseur– a little-known fact about me is that my earliest posts for OMG Blog were a handful of Survivor recaps way back in 2003.

Anyway, CBS clearly fired their on-set psychologist this time around, because the new batch of Survivors is even more completely batshit crazy than usual. Among the most insane is weirdly hunky but still kinda busted Shannon Elkins (that’s a boy, by the way), whose musclebound and saucer-nippled presence graced our screen for a mere two episodes before a bizarre, homophobic tirade led to his ouster last week.

During the explosive “Tribal Council,” Elkins call out his professedly heterosexual teammate, asking him out of nowhere, “Are you gay?” before pointing out helpfully that “there are a lot more gay people in New York than in Louisiana.” This then to an annoying debate over which of the men have slept with a greater number of beautiful women. (ZZZzzzs!) In a Survivor rarity, Shannon’s flag-waving douchiness led to his ouster.
Well, now back at home licking his wounds and trying to prolong his fifteen minutes of fame, Shannon is highly offended that anyone would consider his comments to be homophobic!

I’m not a homophobe and I’m not a sexist. … As far as the gay bashing, I didn’t bash any gays. I didn’t say, ‘I hate gays.’ I didn’t say, ‘Gays are stupid.’ I stereotype, my brother. It’s like the show ‘Waterboy,’ people think we [people in Louisiana] ride airboats to work, we have no teeth, and we wrestle alligators for a living. Well people from Louisiana think people from New York are either in the mob or gay. I stereotype like everybody else stereotypes. … I was concerned that he was gay and I was protecting my butthole. … I don’t have to ask Sash if he’s gay. Look at the kid, he’s gay. He kept on and on telling me I was a liar. He should have kept his mouth shut and he wouldn’t have been called out in front of America.

Hey Shannon– here’s a tip. If you’re concerned about protecting your butthole, maybe you should worry less about the suspected gays in your midst and more about putting on some pants.
[via Queerty]

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7 Comments on "OMG, How Reasonable: Non-homophobe ‘Survivor’ Shannon Elkins just ‘protecting his butthole’ from suspected gay castaway"

  1. That was the best tribal council in years. Brilliant casting (of enjoyably crazy idiots) this season… finally.

  2. And Shannon wore PINK boxer briefs while Sash had on yellow. HMMM

  3. both of Betty’s points are right on the mark.
    It also struck me as odd that it only took the young guys less than a day to strip to their underwear…wonder who’s idea it was, Shannon?

  4. He does have pretty huge nipples, doesn’t he?

  5. Classic closet queen. Point 1. Straight men aren’t interested in who’s gay or not. Closeted gay men always find a way to bring the topic of conversation around to homosexuality, one way or another. Point 2. He said he wanted a man to win Survivor and complained about women winning previous seasons. He might profess to find women attractive, but he’s secretly repulsed by them and wishes it was all boys together. I guess it’s not yet 2010 in Louisiana. Sad.

  6. THIS is why you should stop all this “OMG he is so hot…OMG I would do anything to be with him” with any guy that takes his shirt off! 9 times out of 10 THEY HATE YOU AS GAY PEOPLE! GET SOME SELF LOVE

  7. Typical homophobic bullshit. Any you know what they say about homophobes . . . I’m not saying Shannon’s gay, but HE sure looks like he’s seen one up close!

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