!! OMG, already: Horse Meat Disco 2 !!

The group of talented DJs behind London’s Horse Meat Disco party have come out with their second compilation in less than a year that “brings together another essential selection of New York classics alongside a host of lesser known discoveries for all fans of underground disco.”
We blogged the first compilation last summer, and Vol. 2 does not disappoint.
The gang will also be touring North America this fall. Scroll down for the dates, but first grab this free MP3 download from the new compilation:

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: “Cherchez Pas” by Madleen Kane
Pictured (L-R) are Horse Meat Disco DJs Jim Stanton, Luke Howard (aka Filthy Luka), James Hillard, Severino
Tentative US/Canada Tour Dates (all to be confirmed)
Sep 24 | Toronto
Sep 25 | Calgary
Sep 26 | San Francisco
Sep 30 or Oct 1 | Portland
Oct 2 | Los Angeles
Oct 7 | Chicago
Oct 8 | Miami
Oct 9 | NYC
Buy the album at Amazon:

Check out the full track list plus a Q&A with HMD resident Luke “Filthy Luka” Howard after the jump.

Horse Meat Disco 2 Track List
1. Leonore O’Malley – First Be A Woman
2. Cyclades – Fire To Desire
3. Bravo – Touch Me Now
4. Scherrie Payne – I’m Not In Love / Girl, You’re In Love
(Mix-X-X-Tend Version)
5. Electra Feat. Tara Butler – Feels Good (Carrots And Beets)
6. Nightfall – Nightime Boogie (Horse Meat Disco Edit)
7. Madleen Kane – Cherchez Pas
8. Lourett Russell Grant – Hot To Trot
9. Stephanie Mills – You Can Get Over
10. El Coco – Afrodesia
11. First Love – Don’t Say Goodnight
A Q&A with Luke “Filthy Luka” Howard
1. What’s your DJ story?
Luke Howard: I’ve been a DJ for over 20 years now (was resident for 14 at Queer Nation) and have done some music projects over the years with some releases on Afro Art Records, as well as having a pop duo with Princess Julia. I also worked for Defected Records for a while, but now I’m mostly doing DJing and some fashion show music.
2. From whence the name Horse Meat Disco?
Jim & James were looking for a name and they saw a headline in a newspaper that said “Horse Meat Discovered in Pet Food” (or something like that) but some of the headline was covered up so it just said Horse Meat Disco.
3. How id the four of you meet?
I used to know Severino when I worked at Defected. I met Jim at a club and asked him on a date! We went for pasta and nothing more. James I knew as he used to come to Queer Nation and he used to work at Nuphonic Records.
4. Do you have a collective sound or do you each have your own niche?
We all have our own style but we all like similar music. Severino and I come from a house background and have been DJing the same amount of time. Sev has all the Italian influences and was inspired by the ‘Afro’ style played in Italy by people like Danielle Baldelli as well as all the Italian disco and house. I’m an 80’s new waver turned soul boy turned house head. James’s dad was a DJ in the 70’s so he loves all the Philly stuff. Jim is an Indie boy turned raver in the 90’s, and he’s more upfront than me or James – he always knows who all the new bands and producers are. so we all bring something different.
5. What’s the DJ set up? Do you tag-team, rotate, take different nights?
We all do twice a month at the Eagle and we rotate the residencies (in Lisbon – monthly at Lux Fragil & Berlin – bi-monthly at Tape) and guest spots and tours
6. What makes a record a Horse Meat Disco song?
Erm, difficult to say. We play lots of old stuff classics and forgotten about gems across all the genres, boystown, italo, funk-punk, philly, salsoul, sleeze, nu-disco, house, hi-energy
7. Top 5 Classic Horse Meat Disco Records
1. Donna Summer – Lucky
2. Leonore O’Malley – First Be A Woman
3. Sheryl Lee Ralph – In The Evening
4. Bravo – Touch Me Now
5. Andrea True Connection – What’s Your Name, What’s Your Number
8. Top 5 New Horse Meat Disco Tracks
1. Tensnake – Coma Cat
2. Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love
3. Todd Terje – Eurodance
4. Lindstrom – Another Station
5. Sana Doris – Pseudo Wind
9. Horse Meat Disco has translated Paris Is Burning to London Is Gurning, putting a decidedly demented British spin on these functions. What IS it about balls you boys love so much? And for the record, explain “gurning”?
Gurning is when your mouth moves involuntarily when you’ve taken drugs. Vauxhall is an are with lots of gay afterhours so there’s a lot of wasted people around! So, it’s just a play on words really. We all adore Paris is Burning so we were inspired to have irregular mini-balls at Horse Meat Disco as a way of tribute to the wonderful stars of the film – many of whom may they RIP. Our balls are a way of getting people to express themselves and have fun. Not much vogueing happens at our balls but they are funny and the punters get a chance to see me up in drag.
10. There must be many, but if you were to be asked what was the most outrageous, legendary moment at Horse Meat Disco, what would it be? What is your Bianca on a white horse?
at one of the first new years day parties we had piñatas filled with gifts and bottles of poppers one of which got smashed then someone left there bag or something on the smoke machine and the whole place got filled up with smoke and poppers fumes.. that was fun
11. You have disco brothers here in the US. How did you connect with DFA (New York) and Honey Sound System (San Francisco). And are there others?
Erm, I actually don’t know… Jim is super good at networking!! Honey were just over playing at HMD in London and we invited James Murphy to do a guest spot at our last HMD party at Lux in Lisbon as LCD Soundsystem were playing at big festival there the following day…
12. Finally, how did you earn the name “Filthy Luka”? I assume it has nothing to do with personal hygiene!
When HMD first started I had a monthly residency at another gay club in London and they didn’t want their DJ’s doing any other gay nights on Sundays, so I made up the name so they wouldn’t know it was me, but then I told them and they asked me to choose and I picked Horse Meat Disco, which I think was a good choice looking back.

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