!! OMG, ALTER BOY: Juriji Der Klee’s “Music” !!

Sporting a jet black voluminous bowl cut, gold-leaf facial applique and a Siouxsie Sioux-esque padded metallic kimono number Juriji Der Klee’s classically trained countertenor harks over a low-end string ensemble, in a sort of Euro-Kazaky sort of fashion.
And speaking of such fashion, Belgium-based Juriji cites clothing design as the most important vehicle for the narrative of his musical process.
With 80s musical/fashion icons such as Nina Hagen and Klaus Nomi amongst his influences, Juriji explores gender through clothing shapes and peoples intrinsic gender-binary associations:

“Even though in my vision of things, the garment is not sexual. It’s more that I use it in order to sublimate a silhouette that is either feminine or masculine.”

[via dazed]

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