!! OMG, ENTRANCED: James McAvoy in Trance !!

He’s played a wheelchair-bound telepathic professor, a forest frolicking faun who lives in a wardrobe wonderland and a doting garden gnome…it is of course that haggis-munching Scotsman James McAvoy!
In 127 Hours and Trainspotting director Danny Boyle’s latest creation titled Trance, Mr McAvoy shows us what he has up the back of his kilt. Follow the jump to see what McAvoy is hiding under his fluffy Mr Tumnus trouser-pants.

Click on the caps to see them Mcfull size:
[via justadream]

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2 Comments on "OMG, ENTRANCED: James McAvoy in Trance"

  1. That’s just a dick-shaped patch of light and shadow on his arm.

  2. Wow… that’s a lot o’ peen.

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