!! OMG, Anderson’s Blooper: “Bitch, what the f_ck are you doing?” !!

OMG, Anderson’s Blooper “Bitch, what the f_ck are you doing?” [tabloidprodigy]
The helpfulest PWDITAT [dlisted]
Cher-ing is Caring: Cher signs a deal with LogoTV [queerty]
Naomi Campbell’s Parisian Thug Life [celebitchy]

Rob Evans
models Adidas by Jeremy Scott [ohlala]
Ocean’s 420: Frank Ocean busted with Pot [celebritycafe]
Hurts’ new single ‘Miracle’ [arjan]
Mama knows!: Kris Jenner didn’t call Kim’s haters “hoes” [popbytes]
Ok Cupid Stupid Girl: Guy hooks up with his phone thief [jezebel]
Sucking mini-pig [socialitelife]
“Sir could you please get back to your seat?”:
Stewardesses gag-balled and duct-taped a drunk passenger to his seat [kenneth]
Josh Hutcherson cries in the shower [evilbeet]
“What do you think DELTA BURKE Does At A Sleepover?”-NSFW [afterelton]
Bret Lockett gets naked to save animals’ skin [amygrindhouse via ineedmyfix]
Nama-stay away from our good Christian children: Christians Against Yoga in Schools [joemygod]
US Weekly didn’t get the KarKrash-report they were looking for [theblemish]
“You know who I am”…no I don’t: Taxi Dave’s Cab Rap [doubleviking]

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