!! OMG, Anderson’s new boy: Jonathan Chase !!

Supposebly, !! omg blog !! favorite news anchor Anderson Cooper has a new beau. RUMOURS abound that the lucky Jonathan Chase (of “Another Gay Movie”) knows if the tablecloth matches the silverware, if you catch my drift.
Check out some NSFW pics of Jonathan HERE.
Thanks to LA RAG MAG for the tip.

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3 Comments on "OMG, Anderson’s new boy: Jonathan Chase"

  1. Hey chum, why the long face?

  2. Part of me agrees with AC that Andy should date someone his own age; but then again, nobody batted an eye about Ellen and Portia’s 15 year age difference. I guess if you look young, you can get away with it.

  3. God forbid Anderson go for someone his own age. Then again, I know someone his age who used to date him, and that guy would have turned ME off of 40-year-olds, too….

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