!! OMG, she fell: Madonna !!

Madonna fell on her booty while performing in Portugal on the 14th of this month. Can you imagine if she got hurt and what she would have to tell people? “Madonna, how did you break your leg?” “Oh, I slipped after having sex with my guitar on stage.” “Oh.”
Also, can you imagine if John McCain passed away while in office and Sarah Palin became president by default. Can you seriously imagine that? Are you okay with that? I mean John McCain is no young man…

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8 Comments on "OMG, she fell: Madonna"

  1. Oh my God.
    I may have to stop reading OMGBlog, just because its comments are infested with the inane drivel of brainless McCain supporters.
    I didn’t realize people were stupid enough to do that, especially people who read this blog. Now I’m sad that Americans are stupid and I must go do something to make myself feel better.
    Sorry, OMGBlog, but with all this pro-McCain banter you might have to remove the claim that your readers are smarter than average.

  2. But she can see Russia from her house!
    I hate that woman. I really, really, really hate her.

  3. Yes, I can imagine Palin as President. McCain may be long in the tooth, but with what he`s been through in his life, he`s probably tougher than most of us, so I don`t think we have to worry. What I can`t imagine is Obama, our “friend”, as President and that douchebag Biden as President if something happens to Obama. Consider how well Biden did in the primaries-he DIDN`T. I`d take Palin any day over him. Obama wants to pull all our troups out of Iraq. Great, I do to-however if we do that now we`d be handing trillions of barrels of oil right over to the Taliban and the terrorists. Iraq is not ready yet. Dipshit Bush got us into this and now we have to see it through. McCain has the right idea there. El polacko, I agree with you completely.

  4. barack doesn’t “like gays” any more than any of the other candidates. as usual, the dems just use us for our votes. he’s against equal marriage rights, and has backed off from ending DADT…
    some friend. i’d take palin’s honesty over barack’s flim-flam any day.
    oh.. and i love madge, but her comparing mccain to evil despots and barack to gandhi is just.. dumb. and she looks damn silly humping her guitar.

  5. Yeah, can you seriously imagine Barack Obama as president? Can you seriously imagine that? Just because he likes gays doesn’t mean he is qualified to be fucking president. If Obama can be President, Palin can be VP or President if McCain dies!

  6. I know that 50 is the new 30 and all, and that she’s ageless, blah blah blah… But did it occur to her at some point that grinding against her own guitar just looks silly?
    At least now we know she doesn’t have osteoporosis issues…

  7. OMG, who gives a flying fuck. Madonna is a cunt, there are more important things in the world than that skank falling on her overly-exercised ass. Geeze.

  8. That might be my favorite completely unrelated closing to a blog post ever.
    No. No I cannot imagine that. I would rather have Madonna and her guitar-but-rub-self for VP than that nutty right wing fascist Sarah Palin.

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