!! OMG, animal rights: PETA sues SeaWorld for whale slavery !!

Best get to SeaWorld sooner rather than later if you want to see a show, because if PETA has its way, the five killer whales performing at the parks will be released from “slavery.” People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is suing SeaWorld for keeping the whales in conditions that violate the 13th Amendment ban on slavery, a case the organization is filing in court today. Naturally, SeaWorld is saying the suit is baseless, although PETA will certainly bring up the fact that Tilikum, a six-ton male at SeaWorld in Orlando, grabbed a trainer at a performance in February 2010 and drowned her by dragging her underwater. Free Willy, indeed.
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7 Comments on "OMG, animal rights: PETA sues SeaWorld for whale slavery"

  1. Girlfriend!! I just have to say, I hope Tillikum’s bathtub isn’t as shallow as . . . well, ’nuff said.

  2. Someone should sue PETA! When they don’t get their way. They go to the most extreme measure! They will have the animals killed! And PETA knows that if these Orcas are released. They will die out there! Someone needs to tell them that this isn’t Free Willy! There would not be a happy ending!

  3. I hope that when the Peta lawyers come to take the Killer Whale’s deposition that the Killer Whales [or dolphins] will find that they make a tasty snack.

  4. PETA is ridiculous and extreme, but THIS is awesome & I hope they win.

  5. PETA needs to get a life.

  6. Orcas really shouldn’t be kept in captivity. Look at the size and intelligence of those animals. I don’t always agree with PETA and think they can be extreme about their point of view – but I think most thoughtful human beings can recognize that these animals should not be kept in a large swimming pool.

  7. This is hilarious for two reasons.
    1) I’m fairly sure the amendment they’re referring to has never applied to animals.
    2) The ‘whales’ in question aren’t whales at all. Orcas are the ocean’s largest species of DOLPHIN.

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